The Achievement Thread


Ah okay thanks. I remember seeing his profile and it said he quit and I checked his characters and he had one of the first fully exalted characters and I was confused as fuck.


Finally, maxed Legendary, with only a bit more than a year. With almost no dollars spent on it directly.

For the final 2 levels, I fed my WC tops (mainly weapons and Armors) and UB rings (even though I like them but I need space) to get my pet maxed.


Finally, I completed a campaign for the 1st time ever.


Probably cus you tp now


Yeah prolly.


Duo’d Nest for the second time, solo’d T for the first time. I hope you are proud of me @Seelpit. Got 3 life out of it, too!


@Seelpit found me a shiny thing that I don’t know what to do with. .w.

(Thanks, all of you!)


like 5 years late to the party as usual but first exalted char xd


Ye I’m pretty close to getting there myself. I have exactly 2 exaltations :smile:


missed it by a fucking long shot but damn, hard to believe that over 5 years ago my friends showed me this silly little flash game that has ended up being the most memorable game I’ve ever played. I started playing this shit as a dumbass 11 year old and now I can drive, really weird when I put it that way.


Soloed/Attempted my first cdpeths of the update :smiley:


Did my first duo tomb!!!

ty @BLUbeans for carrying me

sidenote this is my first vid so sorry for the shit quality and piss poor editing


RotMG out here doing good work and teaching Hippo to drive


true, I drive carefully just like i play like a bitch in this game

maybe i could’ve worded that better


idk if this should be here or in the masochist’s thread


It took me a moment to recognize the music, as I’m mostly only familiar with XC1, but it certainly made me smile hearing that in tandem with them Void fight! :smile:





Aaaand now at 10x 30,000 fame characters~ Down to our final 6: Paladin, Assassin, Rogue, Ninja, Sorceror and Priest

Distractions at their finest


It would really suck if you accidentally hit 30,001 or smth


Yep it would…got to be careful;;

Decided to record another Shatters solo for 2 reasons, namely:

  • Recording an attempt of soloing post-boss health update (y’know, the update that made it such that boss shots rendered further, making some of these bosses much harder)
  • Showcasing the power of Divinity + Battle Seal


Also, that little thing with Divinity where sometimes upon beginning to shoot with it causes 2 beams to appear simultaneously after one another? Totally not broken with this setup /ˢ