The Achievement Thread


I’m trying to get living white star as my goal.


Well, it ain’t a solo, but it’s my first time being the last one standing in an O3!

Also got an Avarice BP earlier in that run


9k+ base Wind%20Flower%20DAB

(accidentally posted this in the WB thread, heck)


I thought you were on that thread just trying to flex your loot lol


It’s OVER 9000!!!


Soloed my very first O3! We can check that off the bucket list~

I know it’s on a rogue but…all I can say is that while it makes the fight significantly easier, there are still several phases that are no joke. Meteors, Slashes, Rotations, Splendor are some examples. Doing this fight also allowed me to have a higher admiration for those who have done this fight on a non-rogue class! That being said though, I think sometimes it’s better for him to chase you rather than sit still, so maybe cloaking isn’t always the best thing, but that’s my take…

Will be uploading video soon, I’ll probably put the link below once it finishes uploading~


cool if i ded i get much orang number


Dang… I could use much orange number myself…
Wait that’s a ppe right?


yeah im still scared of o3 or id be ded earlier



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Okay then.


woah that exists?


I’m coming for that.


I’m not, a year is a helluva long time D:


yeah lol


And just imagine getting on for like 300 days, and then accidently missing one. The despair.


Ever since the health bar update changed how shots rendered for the Shatters bosses, I always thought it would be next to impossible to solo the dungeon. But hey, turns out with the right equips, it’s still pretty much possible~

The rogue solo was pretty sketch for the first boss in particular. The first boss’s shot pattern post-consume was made in such a way where attempting to get back into primary shooting weapon distance is pretty much impossible for most classes without sustaining severe damage. So it’s either you stay up there once the phase starts, or you find a way to get back up again. I managed to planewalker up again, but I had to drink a few hp pots to take a few hits and stay up there till boss died. [MVP Item: Planewalker]

The ninja solo was more chill in general. I remembered people dissing the Beisa star for being a niche ability, but it’s actually really, really strong? It stuns, deals massive damage, and is perfect for this dungeon since all of the enemies tend to chase you, making it easier to land your shots. It’s a really fun ability to use that’s for sure. It allowed me to stun the stone paladins and mages at first boss, allowing me to clear them with ease while dealing decent damage.

As for the first boss predicament? Hanagasaku was able to snipe the boss for massive damage without me having to go back up again, but a T6 star probably would have accomplished the job regardless~ [MVP Item: Ballistic Star]


Hehe… you probably would have managed soloing that boss just fine, but is that an Oryx message I see? A bit of last minute invincibility, perhaps? :wink:

(I jest; based on the timing of the death speech, it wouldn’t of helped for long)


i acheived white star at the cost of my account



Did you do a full reset?