The Achievement Thread


yes i did

however on the bright side

this happened


That’s a rip you got two worst whites


EZ forge material/FP though.


well i did have a T6 staff, would you complain in my situation?


Exaltation one,

And exaltation two! My very first ones >w<

Aaaand then I accidentally got 10k base beefore my ninja ">w>


And here I was feeling like the only forumer that wasn’t jumping the gun on exaltations. Congrats! (On both achievements)

How far do you dare go…


Me: Still at 0 Exaltation <3


And there’s my other gal at 10k base now /w\


My only >10k base character is my assassin, which is in top 200 lol


Assassin gang :muscle:
And yea I only have one 10k base char, my wizard at like 17k


Should I start grinding my other characters to 2k? I have a priest and a Knight which I’ve been essentially been using as vault storage, although I want to get those chars to 2k through the lib/abby event (also I just want the rings for both knight and necro sets, but I keep getting deathlesses and wraiths which I alr have)


Dang, what a journey this has been <3


Altogether I also was in the Third Dimension once when it was new. Never again (don’t know why)!

I got a white bag (a Waki afair)! So I have a white bag drop rate there of 100%. :slight_smile:




Out of curiosity, how did you get that t13 staff? Really need one lol


Every time? If that’s the case, stonks for you.


void quest chest


It’s kind of dumb how rare void tops are, I’m at like 5 t13 for 4 whites but 4 of the t13s come from chests.


He meant because he’s only done one, and he got a white that time


In proxy of DBiz.