The Achievement Thread


For those who don’t realize that’s on testing. But grats to Dbiz!! He’s soon to be better than all of us :open_mouth:



13x 30,000 fame characters, reaching the end of a long journey…

Down to the final 3: Priest, Sorcerer, and Assassin. I’ve been delaying those wand classes until I get my first lumi, but it doesn’t seem like that will be happening any time soon, so ol’ reliable T14 wand will have to do~


what’s your goal after you hit 30k on all of your characters?


congrats on white star btw I just noticed


ty <3


I have survived more than 2 days and made 1/8 as Necro, while wearing Robe of Tlatoani


Eh… what? That’s an odd achievement.


Do while also using only an ep, and then I’ll be suprised


Well well, after a bit less than one year*, i finally managed to kill oryx the third and survived dammah for the first time!

*It’s not like i was actively running o3s, i seldom did them for fun and adrenaline


Completed all the dungeons on my wizard!


with an exact 25000 base fame as well…


yep. I stopped playing him at 25k when i just had rr left


First MBC + Void in vital combat! In my opinion mbc survival is wayyyy harder than anything void has to offer, but that seems to be what most people think. This does kinda open a new door for me, because I was scared of attempting MBC because I have had to die/nexus multiple times from survival, but now I can finally farm for that t13 staff I want!


That didn’t last long…

Plays Mario game over MP3


First MBC + Void complete !!! :,)


25% loot drop on melees now

here’s the wizard solo i never posted on the forums as well


Good job! That’s awesome :slight_smile:


imagine an orange star(almost yellow star) being able to complete mbc’s and voids with relative ease compared to a white star. Although tbh I will agree I constantly died on my first few attempts because of mbc survival, although void is a lot easier than mbc.


Also first o3 complete on testing super happy


ummm why did you have to call me trash for white star?