The Achievement Thread


What can we say? Assassin is just the best class.


sanctuary really is a rollercoaster of emotions


First 10k base :0

First time @ 50k alive fame :0000

First void / MBC white :0000000000

Good day today !


please buff bee helm.


If I had the ability to time travel and do ONE thing… It would be to show Toastrz and Kiddforce this video as they were developing LH. My god.


I didn’t notice myself either, so yea gz


Aaaand the day has finally arrived…

16x 30,000 fame characters, the end of a long journey, and the birth of a rather satisfying Realmeye profile page!

Now I get to say I’ve played each character “equally”…but I suppose that’s a lie for 4 of my characters who either got 30k or near 30k before the fame update hehe

As for the plans… I’ve decided to take a looong break from the game, or if not, significantly reduced activity (ie. logging in for dailies, occasional guild runs). Maybe try out a few new games, sort out personal friendships and matters, finally taking my mind off this grindfest (and possibly accidentally sink into another grindfest)

Thanks for sticking by the journey! Moddy_-w-%20small


Why did that new character have to release in the nearish future… will you promise us that you’ll take a break and sort through your important life ordeals before you even so much as think of seriously returning? >•<


Make sure to log in once for a while to keep that page looking good.


Take a break from the game, yes~

Sort through all of my important life ordeals…no comment. Too complicated to answer . m.


I am a very, very, very evil person

(landed a very good fake)


Waiting for my Fools Prism one day, wish Deca did another wishing thing and that’s the only thing I’d wish for

( Excpet I don’t play RotMG anymore )


Oh yea not to mention Avatar sure is a good one for a fake white, very good white and also death animation, it flashes, explodes, shots come out, making it harder to see the placed bag, bravo Demonseye


LotLL, Forgotten King- actually all shatters bosses, Marble Colossus are good options, and perhaps O3 even thought it’s different like the others.


My 1st ever 10k base fame character.


Alright so today I attempted my first and only o3 run and I got past the miniboss and up to exalted. Sadly our 10 person group had to nexus becaude we had bad dps


Love is in the air :heart: ty for all the great posts here.


@Glawi he’s coming for you!


Needs more hearts tbh, getting a divine is impressive in my book