The Achievement Thread


10k base fame, yaaay!
I know it may not bee much by today’s standards, but I never would’ve thought I’d make it this far :'3


I have been playing this game for more than 4 years! Ah man, new realm is amazing, but I miss the simpler times of when I first started. I remember playing with my siblings and struggling to get level 20, and then when I finally did I thought I was legendary at the game. I also remember the first time I was exposed to rotmg YouTube content, when my brother was talking about taking his game up to the next level and being able to consistently complete the abyss of demons, so he looked up a Talwar video guide on it. Ah man, that was a magical time.


sad thing is, I’ve been playing for around 6-7 years, but only really start trying about 4 years ago, and YET I’M STILL YELLOW STAR CMON lol.


Don’t care about the color of the star shown on your name. :wink:


I’ve only been serious about the game since August of 2020


why expo and nile?


After about 15 attempts, I finally got my first O3 complete! And to say I was well-rewarded is an understatement :wink:

Edit: 2 wis from 8/8 so doesn’t count toward exaltations :skull:

  • live
  • kill


First character with 100k death fame :smile:


samurai gang rise up @PRCSakura




First o3 get :^)


I made it past the mini boss and to celestial with an unmaxed wizard today in a pub o3! It was the first time I’d beaten the miniboss


found my new pet:

currently I use an 90/89/75 mheal, heal, attack far. should take a while till I can switch to the new one. :smiley:




first time I’ve gotten white star slick


This is simultaneously my first CC ran, completed, and ST/White quality loot dropped from said dungeon! ^^

It’s a shame that I already have one, but this is legitimate. :smile:

Also, though I agree that CC isn’t as difficult as FC, I need to figure out what the heck I was doing next time. I noticed arrows directing things ahead of time, so I generally planned for… something bad to happen while accommodating for the mini-bosses. Some rando had a fungal tome, but I went off on my own, not trusting to tank shots. Fun, anyway!


Finally came back to this game in lieu of the fame update making 5 star a 2 hour endeavor, so after almost 9 years (8 years and 256 days) I got white star.

Killing 8 characters for a total of almost 20k fame, feels like a new beginning


I’ve ran around 50 crystal caverns for that armor…


Some people say the ST ring is super super common, out of maybe 200 crystal caverns I’ve ran possibly? I haven’t gotten a single one, not even from any chests, this includes ST chests, Dungeon Chests, and Mark Chests