The Achievement Thread


O3 is easy life mana


Plis no, I want freedom oh no aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


O3 wreaked havoc to the economy. It may be easier to get Lives/Manas but will be harder to get the rainbows using the respective 2 pots.

I do have ideas to nerf its reward.


Having completed my first nest solo not too long ago, i attempted a crack at the crystal cavern.

Hope you enjoy !
Also if you could leave me some tips, i’m just starting to get in to some of the exaltation dungeons (fungal, crystal, and cult) so i’m quite inexperienced on some phases.

Also sorry for the poor recording, i’m not sure why it goes fuzzy sometimes. Could be because of my weak laptop…


So… did you make that Oryx?


Hit White Star image


Nice! If you log out of the forums and back in it will update it next to your name here.

Edit: achievement of my own - successfully completed my 4th ever O3, but this time on a 3/8 PPE in a random/public run! Unfortunate that I didn’t get anything exciting out of it, but still hyped that I managed to finish it. Celestial still terrifies me.


Only just!

I was quite worried that i’d get that oryx lag while still on the last phase so i tried pushing in a bit more.
Side note, ornate armor is honestly one of the best items for an npe leather class. So so good.


based class based armor based ring


o3s drop glife and gmana like crazy, pretty sure vit and wis are more expensive now


Vit and Wis are more expensive is due to the combination of O3 being too profitable as you mentioned and laziness from end-game Realmers (which eventually spread that behavior to normal counterpart).


First attempt solo dammah on warrior is something i guess (testing ofc)


My problem isn’t celestial, it’s heavens that screws me over


It really has been a year now, huh— I still feel like a newbie sometimes. So much has changed since then… with the game, forums, and status of the world.

Still happy to be with you guys, and thanks for putting up with me all the time! ^v^)/


I had to have been at a few months but I lost it a few weeks ago :pensive:
Gz tho!


It was the same situation for me for a long time, what really helped me is having an oreo paladin to practice crossing beams: if i successfully crossed - no silence on me, if i failed - i’m silenced but also no 200 damage so i can continue on with the o3.
And even if you can cross beams perfectly, when oryx does one of his two rotation phases and beam walls come down at the same time, you can get turbofucked, so if i’m anywhere even close to seeing oryx shots during those phases i just nexus.


first omni :0

80k alive fame :000


first o3 with a sore left arm from covid vaccine


Funny that I got my first complete after BaconSM got his!

nice t14 katana!

finally can put my enforcer bp to use!


im glad im not the only white star who hasnt gotten an o3 complete