The Achievement Thread


I haven’t exactly tried hard to get an O3 complete yet, but know that you still aren’t alone. I pretty much missed all of the O3 events, so that didn’t exactly help my case x)


Me no have O3 complete so far as well.


well now that i have an o3 complete, i can say this

just dodge 4head


First O3 items!


i am so jelly rn


ur gonna be even more jelly to find out I got a cranium BP from the miniboss


First solo gems, used 6 of each pot which screwed me over for O3 and I had to nexus right before heavens


I’d imagine gemsbok is easily the hardest solo for melee bc of how its so anti melee


just play trickster 4heed


My trix recently died to a glitch, not in the game but my side, sadly the next day I got my first t7 prism and t15 hide


50k posts read :slight_smile: I’ve been playing the game less than usual after a few deaths to lag and a few to me being shit at the game, I’ll take a break from the forums except to check unpopular opinions and achievements.


The pics loaded in the wrong order :frowning:


75 shatters, 1 gem 1 crown.

I am never doing this boring fucking dungeon ever again. At least the discord gave me talented trix role.


congratulations, now when you do your next class you’ll do it again!


no class other than trickster is worth my time


Hi everyone, I’ve completed another personal challenge i’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I’ve managed to complete the Puppet master’s encore petless without any shots taken.
Although you can see something hit me at 4:08, there was no damage text and it seems like it was an almost invisible shot or that i almost skimmed close to the green blob. Hope you can forgive me for that and please give it a watch if you have some time :wink:

Also watch in hd 60fps for all that messy dodging!



You do have the advantage of the Cursed Blasts currently being bugged and not firing, though >~>

Impressive nonetheless!


Your post reminded me of Darkawaiii, someone I haven’t thought of in a long time. Damn I remember that time of the forums…


Ahh you’re right!

I might have to try it again once it’s fixed since it’s involved in all phases except the rotating pups. I can guarantee i will have to move alot more even though i’m pretty active throughout.

Do you know when the bug started?


Last update, 1.6. Not entirely sure why, but my best guess is that it has to do with something on the backend. Likely has to do with the way it transitions, from its “preparation” phase into its “shoot” phase, since the same bug is happening with Daichi’s Skull blast.
I’m not sure if El Dorado’s Mask blast is affected, though.