The Achievement Thread


Just realized she has 12345 fame


I know that name, didn’t they have that pokemon as their avatar


I’m not sure


Darkawaii had the blue and black diamond shaped pfp (with an inside pattern) every time I saw them, but I have no idea if they had any before that. There’s a few people with Pokémon as their pfps, so I wouldn’t know which player you were thinking of without the specific species name :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen plenty of Pikachus, a Charizard, a Meloetta, two Jigglypuffs, a Gardevoir, an Ampharos, an Eevee… etc… There’s too many of them! x)


No sylveon enjoyers : |
all normies : |


baited a raid leader rlly hard.


did my first revamped lod. My face was : | the whole time.


I just completed 1st exalt dungeon. I am hoping to complete Nest next.


nest is the easiest out of all exalts. I know all the boss phases because i did 100 of it in a day


And now… 20k base fame.




Kekw TY.


Lets goooo thats a huge achievement, congrats.


Yea so I forgot to screenshot but I complete first o3 as a wizard! I usually use trickster, so this was def a challenge for me. I got another t14 dagger which I’m not mad about, its just that I alr have one lol.


9 Years!


What. In. The. Actual. Fuck.
its time to go outside : RotMG (

But still, congrats girl, you did it.


nope fake never happened im not a forumer im not here invisible yup totally

game suc


I have all 17 classes 8/8’ed simultaneously.


Congrats! :partying_face:


oh yeaaaaa I forgot these things dropped here. First ub ring from o3, and many more to come * sigh *