The Achievement Thread


Eh… I would feed all UB rings (including UBHP) now.


I soloed the reworked DDock 2 days ago: TShot phat carry.


100k alive fame! :0 Almost a half year after I came back

Setting my sights on 10k alive on each class next. So far I’m about 9/17 the way there :^)


Worth imo (esp if you rush). So much spd/dex


Public void, just from sentry in the realm.


A lot more rarer than Pub Cult/Fungal/Nest.


how long did it take?


it was faster than most pub halls raids actually :slight_smile:


lmao I’m guessing its because of hp scaling lol




Second Leucoryx attempt, first complete! Similar to the CC completion, the game seemed to like me.


Vesture on 2nd Archbishop attempt??? Very pog man.


I’ll trade a coronation for the vesture


1st o3 complete(finished with 13 people remaining)


Guess the ability to solo Shatters really came in handy, didn’t have to participate in any discord raid; I got all 5 books in a random avatar’s shatters solo

One of the first! ^w^


Soloing Shatters isn’t that bad, but man, is it tedious! You’re probably way better at doing it faster, though. The x5 is incredible; soloing that probably saves you time.


Oh indeed, our guild even began confirming that even duos can potentially result in both players receiving all 5 books, but there was the off chance that one of them would receive 4 books instead (which is still much better than joining a discord run). Either way, yea, I’d recommend that anyone who can solo a shatters should probably do that instead of joining discord runs, definitely saves a boat load of time! (I did my shats in about 25-30m)


Second 15K fame character!


Started this weekend at 1/5, just finished up to 5/5 :sweat_smile:

Feels like I just ran a marathon…


your’re halfway done! congrats