The Achievement Thread


ngl, shatts exaltations are the worst, they’re so freaking painful to get since shatts are so slow and plus they never drop loot. O3’s are easily more rewarding because sure they’re hard, BUT THEY DROP SO MUCH LOOT.


yeah, i’d agree, fungals are longer but more interesting and drop really good loot with clovers/events.


i peed after dying on my 8/8 rogue




that’s. . .great to know, but why is this an achievement? Is this the first time you peed after after dying on an 8/8 character?


I pee after dying on any character. Eventually.


FINALLY!!! ngl, I lost more than I gained. A 6/8 necro npe that had so much potential, a 4/8 priest, and a 4/8 trix, which really sucks. I mean, just slumping around and doing nothing isn’t gonna help much, so now that I finished this event, its time to start new characters and actually rebuild my account. Cheers to a new beginning!


It may have cost me my sleep, as @Skandling can attest to, but after hours of grinding Cyclops Gods, Ghost Kings, Red Demons, and various encounter bosses, and even taking the documented maps of the realm to find locations of said setpieces…

…wow, jeez, I need to sleep.


nah nah nah. Cult exaltation where its at for that juicy juicy speed


decided that before I started rebuilding, that I would finally exalt att on my assassin. It took long, but I managed to do it with tons of new gear (including another ubhp and 2 sword runes) that I can use for my rebuilding process. (also almost 20k base pogggggg)


Welp, took me a bit more than an hour to get the final 5 pages. Went to USE4 and solo cleared 1-2 realms with more than 1 hour worth of clover.

Last but not least…


Honestly, I think the most efficient way to get pages 16-20 was to do vet shatts runs as they’re quick (at least quicker compared to normal shatts runs) and with less people comes higher chances for books. Only took me about 7 shatts total to get all of the books doing vet runs (still no crown tho :frowning:)


I fished the event, (for once)! Am I a cool kid now I had been missing Book XVIII ever since I had all 4 others drop in a 6 man Shatts within the first 2 hours of the final Book set’s release… I was worried I wasn’t going to make it until now!

I’d done soloing of Realms on my Ninja and Trix, clearing for event bosses, and getting continual 0s, even when breaking into my 600+ stash of lucky clovers I never touch. I’d lost hope (not to mention a lot of available time for gaming), so I used the popping server, to no avail. I completed the ST set and obtained my first ever Shatts white in over 7 years of playing (Bracer) before I got my Book, even in smaller Shatts.

Then, @Gotgot kindly suggested going back to farming Realms, so I did so begrudgingly. Lo and behold, my first Cyclops dropped it.
(Gotgot’s lucky, so pester him while it lasts, hm?)


600? I’d be lucky to have 20 in my vault at once


yikes. I just did like 50 shatts and boom. done. got a crown in the progress.


Looks like I have 50 shatts ahead of me. Cant wait…


me too…oh wait I alr did 75 shatts and STILL haven’t gotten a crown, yikes

salt is in the air


Well, it took me until late Monday to realize that events dropped pages, and this morning to realize that rushing red demons and cyclops gods, then moving to a new realm was incredibly efficient. I had finally gotten all but one, and went to go turn in my Oryx marks, when I learned that the quest had been removed. Two hours latter, I finished it, and apparently I’m lucky because

(Maybe I just got the luck from all the Bookwyrms I killed during the event? In which case, it is really your luck, I just borrowed it through like mass slaughter or something. Or kendo sticks.)


5/5’d my first stat :smiley:


Holy shit… 1st O3 complete.

With 2 close calls…