The Achievement Thread


I made it to top 3 trickster

Sorted by Vampiress skin.


Haha, I like it. But. if I’m allwoed to ask, why?

Why you carry UTs andSTs with you and use T4 dagger, T1 ring etc.?

Why you don’t even look at the wis and def pots the bosses drop?

I mean, I really like strange and unexpected actions, but doing a 12 minuten lab without any reward than 15 base fame… (additional you missed an oryx^^)

btw. I can see now why you like playing Trickster. I would just tp into random shotguns and die as I did often before.


That’s the whole point lol. I’m using trash while having good stuff in my inv. Also I was gonna join a raid and troll the RL (RL rate my set) after I did the lab.

I can just get more if I want to. I don’t care about it.

That’s just me being 99.9% PEPEGA… but it’s not like I’ll get anything useful there anyways. yeah Mercy’s Bane, but my Pally is PPE. And I don’t have a priest RN.

I love trickster.


That’s why I sometimes carry one or more dbows around. Just to cry out “dbow” after every boss killed. Some guys trade me then to confirm it, and - hopefully - gets very confused.

I mean there are lot of people who carry kendo sticks around and other things, so it’s possible they belive in everything.

Go on with your strange playing style. It’s great!


I don’t do it often ofc lol, waste my inv space and don’t want that trix to die.

Also this just goes to show how godlike trickster is even with t4 dagger


No Vc.

I was doing realm clear for allen event in a discord. Some idiots come in, RL says realm is taken. They cleared anyways. The RL got pissed and he was like “I’m gonna put on my counter boots” and I was pretty pissed too so… I put on my bad trickster boots.
Unfortunately, the mini was beisa so the most I could do was drag way from group. Was hoping for Dammah so I could pvp miasma. And during the actual O3 I just put my brain in the group during chasing shotguns and other decoyable stuff. It was kind of funny, and I didn’t really care because I wasn’t in SBC and I don’t plan to be in it.

Oh also I got my first t14 weapon from that o3.


top 100


Well, good riddance. I hate it when RL’s try to “claim” realms, especially if I’m the one who just spent a bunch of time solo clearing and made it tempting for them in the first place. It’s not like I’m toxic back to them or anything, but I keep my resolve.


ye when ever that happens to me I join the run anyways. My first o3 was with the guild Mainey which later I realised was a top guild. They let me stay the whole way through.


I mean if 8 people say “taken” you should assume the realm is taken. Kind of a dickmove.


alen event good xp pog
100k death fame most I’ve got ever. Also this trickster is the longest living character i’ve had on prod.
also my guild is ranked 14th in USMW lmfao


that was fun, time to try and solo it!


They come waltzing in saying that, regardless of who’s appear there. Also, DECA made it clear that players can’t just “claim” realms, especially in response to when some Discords began threatening to ban and the likes. It’s all free space, unless someone bought a key and tried popping it privately in a Ghall or Bazaar. Then they have the right to kick intruders, and so forth. Realms are different, all being public.

I recognize the frustrations of the elite running Discord runs especially in trying to find an area that won’t taint their runs (and that won’t take forever to clear), but they aren’t the only ones playing the game. I’ve seen a number guilds and Discord runs accept this already (because I ask who they are by name sometimes out of raw curiosity), but there’s always a couple that rant and rave… yet life continues.

For the record, I’m usually fine with leaving an O3 popping if the runners politely ask me to leave, but you can bet I’m joining if they weren’t. I also don’t intentionally try to ruin their runs with countering or even talking. I’m just try to act like a quiet guest.




I made it thru a PVP’d miasma. 65 man run down to 16.




is that betterdiscord? just curious.



Is that your waifu? uwu


ye ye uwu