The Achievement Thread


And… somehow I carried this O2 again but with 6 digits damage.


Why do u use UBDEF on ur characters? Def is pretty useless.




3/5 life so ez


which class. I’m on a stupid kindle with the experimental browser and no access to a real device that has colors.


i know the pain, used to just spend hours on that thing browsing the forums


i hear ooga booga bot

dungeoneer calls…


Trickster…? You should see the prisms…


The pseudo-DPS set I was using from the picture nets 33 Defence.

But with Star Mom, UBDef and T6 Lute buff, I get 61 Defence. That is almost 30 Defence difference!


and 30 more defense don’t really matter even in non AP shots…

Defense is not an important stat in endgame dungeons. yes it lowers your IC/OOC but honestly it shouldn’t be a reason for you to pick DEF over HP.

Even if you pick a ring with DEF, it should not be a pure DEF ring. I would much rather use Coro, or even Horn would be better.


Endgame-wise as you mentioned yourself, your argument is valid. In good numbers of early-midgame counterparts, having 30 additional Defence makes a huge difference.


videos won’t work on this thing it cant load vidros. also im getting a mac for high school cause my dad doesnt like microsoft cause he works at google. This means I don’t think I can plugin a keyboard cause the new m1 macbook air doesnt freaking have a usb port. Or i think


That is a tragedy. Sorry for your loss.

Coming from a long time mac user. been using mac for 8 years until i realized how shit they are and switched to windows.


I wasn’t paying attention to fame, but I hit 15k on huntress!
Orange star again… I prefer red tbh




Bro when will you listen lol, def is a stat that SHOULDN’T be your main priority. Yes def is good however in 90% of dungeons def is so much worse than hp that you’re literally better off using a t3 hp ring over a t6 def ring. You say it makes a huge difference however it really doesnt 10 damage less from a shot has nothing on 100hp.


Sakura just likes def



I can’t find any more lol and I’ve only just started to ss these but I’ll try and post every 5 top dmgs I get.
Everything is done on a samurai btw


Well, when does HP make a difference?
From my point of view, it acts as a buffer to not dying from an otherwise lethal shot. Comparatively, attaining certain thresholds of defense can prevent you from being whittled down to such a range as easily, in part due to the lower damage, and in part due to less shots triggering IC.

Of course, once shots start dealing enough damage to trigger IC regardless of 10 defense, you can easily make a point that HP will let you tank more consecutive shots. However, that isn’t 90% of content - unless all you run is endgame dungeons with massive shot damage.

There’s always reasons for one over the other, is my point :sweat_smile:


Yea but the quantity of hp a ubhp ring gives compared to the amount a ubdef ring gives isnt worth the sacrifice. Also hp can regenerate which counters the argument that def is always there. The only dungeons that def is better than hp would be all pre glands dungeons and snake. On top of that your armor already gives def especially heavy armor classes.

Def vs HP is one of the biggest debates in all of realm but I think we can all agree speed is the superior stat