The Achievement Thread


Only 53 o3’s to go :smiley:


Now 51.


Just bring fresh trickster ppe’s to free runes events. That’s how I learnt o3.


I spam throwaway 8/8’s.


a bit wasteful, but if you have pots to back it up, I’m fine with it


I have couple to spam


the last free rune event, i did not have a single 0/8.





Ah, your [life] is now complete, aye? Are you ready to embrace the sweet release of [death]?


Yeah im taking a break from doing exaltations. Working on warrior ppe rn and kicking it back a notch by grinding another game that I’ve been putting down + there is a summer event where I can get a free swimsuit anime girl.


200k alive fame :partying_face:


Bonus: What no O3s does to a mf


Well, that was long overdue considering my love and passion for this class… Moddy_Happy%20small


Can’t w8 to get my Samurai fully Exalted uwu.

Also congrats <3


44444 fame! Comfortably in the top 100 necros (though still way behind @XBlaz…)


Maxed my first ability!
Completely F2P, took about 3.5 years


it has been done :slight_smile:


How many deaths did that took you for Exalted Warrior?

And here is me who lost a whopping 33 8/8’s Samurai’s and yet to be done. I might lose like 40 or even 50+ before fully Exalted.


completed trio o3
got carried


First time soloing the entire reworked Shatters! I guess it might be considered a bit of a cheesier solo since I used oreo, but damn that was still a nerve-wracking experience!

I’ve recorded the entire thing but it’s like, a 1h+ clip, so the video will only be ready much later. Once I’ve done editing it and uploading it, I’ll edit this post to link it! :>

Edit: Video’s up!

Boss and Event Timestamps
The Bridge Sentinel: 2:30 - 10:46
Wing 1 - Observatory (Crescent Banner, Puzzle Room): 13:13 - 14:25
Wing 2 - Alchemy (Conical Flask Banner): 16:00 - 20:45
Wing 3 - Alchemy (Bug? I thought duplicate wings aren’t possible): 22:25 - 26:10
The Twilight Archmage: 26:35 - 37:42

The Forgotten King (Start): 43:40
Skull Phase: 56:03
Sicken Celestial: 1:00:49
The Forgotten King (End): 1:06:10

Final edit:

Did it another 2 more times solo, getting quite used to its gimmicks! The loot however, pretty disappointing considering I could solo an O3 in half the time and get guaranteed O3 tops on top of potential whites. The difficulty is fine but god forbid racking the HP up to such exaggerated values. Fights feel too drawn out and it really starts to get more tedious than fun and challenging…


could fuse my mheal/heal/electric pet today to legendary. now it’s time to max it for fusing to divine :slight_smile: