The Achievement Thread


Boss hp?? That sound so painful


The less boss damage makes up for it still pretty brutal


DECA changed spider sprite back to original


best achievement


Eh, not even close.


I love it when that happens. It’s a shame that doesn’t happen to some of the other boss sprites on occasion as well!


Finally soloed another Court dungeon on testing (with of course using my favorite God Samurai set)


no cranium bad samurai.



Aside from that, Cranium isn’t bad though I prefer the consistent 8 Dex and the 55 MP for additional Waki use.


Quarter million fame :open_mouth:

Fungal event go brrrrrrrrr…


Soloed a +100% Minion HP Shatters. No, don’t ask how long it took…


And I’ve successfully done 50 reworked shats on this paladin!


Following the tragic death of my necromancer, I had the fame I needed to fuse to Divine and feed it a few months’ worth of food I have been saving up! I will be keeping the grave around in memory of that beloved character.


So I’m sure you all remember the times I did a nest with utterly subpar stats or with other restrictions of sorts.

So I kind of did that again,

Effectively 4/8 (att, dex+1, vit, almost spd with 1 remaining), a solo starting from color phase 1. The person I PM’d was in there with me during the intro phase, but then backed out to go for Oryx…and subsequently tried to enter the arena again, only to nexus, due to the killer honey.


Seelpit OP? :eyes:


top 1000 players by fame, got it this week never thought I would get good or just dodge long enough



but I have to say that the fame values showed in realmeye are not correct.

Nevertheless, 136.292 alive fame is phantastic and not reachable for me! :+1:


Exalted Shats on the paladin!

Aight, now time to do it on Archer~


Crosspost from his Reddit:

You did it man. And a huge congratulation for fully Exalting Priest.
GGs and Fs to 31 Priests : RotMG (


First char to 50k base fame!