The Achievement Thread




Congratzzzzz <3 <3 <3


I thought you were celebrating the fact you only got potions from o3 lol, congratulations with the exalted Mystic!


5/5 Mana. Now I need 52 more O3’s before getting it done.


My first solo O3


next time do it petless so that you can deal 100% of the damage


I apparently missed my 4th anniversary by a day, so hey, guess I’ve been here 4 years now


I did it.


Congrats <3 <3 <3


I dunno why, but it feels bittersweet. Like the end of a journey, but the beginning of another.


samu soon™


Congrats <3 <3 <3

Exalting Samurai just for the IC reduction?


Yep, but also because samurai is one of my favorite classes in general. The mix of stats + katana (and really just enforcer’s) range is suuuper nice.


Almost done on my Samurai Exalts… just need 40 more O3’s and I’ll be finished.

It has been 8 months + 41 8/8 fatalities… I really hope I can git it done before Oryxmas 2021-2022.


After finishing a (surprise) duo Dammah, I managed to finish O3 alone for the first time! @Gold was by far the MVP (4/4 wizzy pushing in with EP until he had to nexus) but I am proud to have finished it off. Plus, got a sick T15 leather for my no-discord assassin PPE! My heart was RACING.


hit six years a few days ago. Woo!


Campaign done! I can finally go outside and touch the green stuff~




Determination rebuilds all. Done in abt 2 weeks


Not a huge achievement, but I’m happy with it. Got reskin jugg, pogmur, 5 starred sorcerer, and exalted dex on warrior along the way.

Edit: Got my second jugg bp right after xD

my jugg luck is too good