The Achievement Thread


100/100 pet


Did a cult as a duo with @Shidd

Not the hardest achievement, but if felt good!


After a whole lot of trying, I got my hands on one of these bad boys

This costed me a converted ~200 Decas.


WTF 200 Decas?!


That’s the cheapest one :no_mouth:


Now double click it


100 Exalts! This is one of 4 skins I like more than plain old Oryx. 2 of which happen to be other versions of oryx.


this has been a long time coming, finished all but fungal and a few o3s months ago then hit a streak of having one 8/8 at a time for a bit and dying on a bunch of necros doing dumb stuff, almost done with mystic and wiz, probably will die alot getting the last few shats in need on them this event. One t7 skull 0 t7 orbs in the couple of hundred o3 ive done.


Congrats <3 <3 <3

Now you joined the Necro squad with fury and Skyflower.


yay, on the final key to 5/5 fungals on wiz


now to keep cups til next campaign, although the extra hp pot will probably be better for shats


too bad I wasn’t able to get 5/5 fungals on assassin, now I have to do that during the shatts event



trio fungal to finish off my exalts


I’m almost done on mines…


oh wait you use the forums lmfao


Getting my fist Kensei top dmg :>

Also I lost all my UT sheaths on my first Kensei so that’s why I only have a miserable T6 x wx"




My current character is my first ever over 28k base fame!



i can finally do a little trolling