The Achievement Thread


Exalted my archer, marking my 2nd exalted class so far! Next will be bard for that sweet 25% drop rate bonus~

I still touch grass, dw~


I salute anyone who has exalted a bow class, and I double salute anyone who has exalted archer



All classes simultaneously maxed!


Over 100k base fame on my account!



I think it’s pretty ironic that the time I’m the least invested in the game during my account lifespan is also the only time I have multiple maxed characters (which is a first, for me)

It started from the bard being my main character and then the summoner PPE that got way better than expected, which led to lots of potion grinding while looking for white bags


got my Divine pet (mheal/heal/electric)


best pet


Indefinite struggle
I had to painstakingly chip down the two Exp Soldier Bees, because I knew that getting confused at juuust the wrong time would mean an instant nexus-or-die situation. Fortunately, my swapouts proved pivotal in getting in more aggressively.
(Pet was 30 MHeal, fyi; so, effectively petless?)


Where CSword???


completed my first new shatters today!

Third time getting past second boss, first two were testing. nexus in patience, then death in tablets.
Locked out of testing so tried on prod, and I completed it!


15k ninja FINALLY this took way too long

Also i made it to shatters patience phase and got parsed. I didnt know a single fucking phase and ran around like a clueless headless chicken. pretty good for a blind playthrough.


I just remembered I have, like, two spare ones in my vault.

God. Fuck.


first time “solo’ing” sentinel, other two guys died early on in the fight, still happy tho


how on a really scuffed huntress (this was in usw4 so pretty hp scaled)


I rolled a Natural 1/8 Knight


Oh wow! Big number!


missed my 4 year anniversary but it’s kind of surprising that I’ve been playing this game since I was 13


After using alll of my account fame and clearing out a large chunk of my vault, I have successfully gotten to a 100/x/x F2P pet! The account is definitely not F2P, but I spent my money on vault and character slots, not pet food or pet feeding.


First shatters complete! With a nice bonus too!


All classes 8/8!