The Agent of Oryx armors need a buff

  • All 3 armors should get a buff.
  • 1 or 2 of the armors should get a buff.
  • None of the armors should get a buff.

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Requiring 10 more shards than the AoO weapons, the armors provide very little benefits over their tiered alternatives (the leather armor one being 1 DEF below a T13 Hydra). Getting below 300 HP isn’t worth only 5 ATK and 5 DEX.

The stats make more sense if another “alien” set comes out of the Oryx series. By that I mean that there would be a Agent of Oryx ring that provides stat buffs when wearing multiple pieces of the set, just like the Entropy Reactor. DECA hasn’t announced anything of the sort so this is just a speculation.

If there isn’t some “Agent of Oryx ring that gives buffs like the Entropy Reactor” item that isn’t being released, then the armors ought to grant more than what they currently provide. Maybe a chunk of +ATT to match the theme of the weapons being (mostly) high-damaging, and getting hit causes you to get -SPD similar to the slow-moving projectiles. This is just one idea and I’m sure there’s plenty better ways than what the armors give right now.


They don’t need a buff, if you buffed them they would outclass tiered because of how they already come SO close, they need a rework, so you don’t have to be below 300 hp to get use out of them.


Yeah I agree with what you said, I suppose when I meant “buff” I meant rework. Woops.


Most oryx weapons outclass tiered by a ton anyway, and at 10 more shards than the weapons, I just can’t see myself trying very hard to get them