The Best Ring in the Game


After a 1 year hiatus, I came back, and found the most amazing item in the realm…

Snake Eye Ring imo is the best ring in the game. Better than Omni, Crown, Deca, Horn, and all the other ones. I did a brief review on the item based on these properties:

Literally solo a snake pit, and there’s a high chance you would get one. Basically free to get, as you can clear a snake pit as a 0/8. I usually gun for this item in ppes.

It’s a ring, available for all classes.

General Stats
Not very good, only +3 ATK and +3 SPD. If that was all there was to the ring it would be F tier.

Special Effects
First off, it’s an on ability proc, so the effect will happen pretty frequently when you want it to proc (mostly). The effect is gaining speedy for 2 seconds, while having a 5 second cooldown. Since this has some pretty huge complications, lets divide it up into sections.

Situational Use

The Snake Eye Ring can be used for sudo rushing dungeons, running through realms, shatters and wine cellulara, essentially giving a 25+ speed bonus, making default class have 75 SPD for the moment. Considering how a few years ago rushing was the most important thing, I call this a win in many categories.

Control/Difficulty of Use

This is when the Snake Eye Ring really falls short, it might not be serious if you don’t have 3 seconds of speedy in early game dungeons, but this may prove fatal in endgame dungeons. Many warriors post class rework probably died as they lose 1 second of speedy, while rogues can be screwed if they lose their invisibility. However, just like the previous examples, you can learn to work in those 3 seconds given time and experience. There’s also a problem of keeping mana for this so called “second ability” to be used. The problem gets even worse if you have to time the ability to not waste mana. This can be solved by using a low tiered item and/or a good pet.

Overall, the ability of the Snake Eye Ring gets a solid:

Relevance (As of 2021)
With Oryx’s Sanctuary out for a while, people skip out on shatters and lost halls just to get endgame gear. Even ST sets are outclassed by these high tier items. With several years since the last jump in the game’s tiered difficulty (Void), all other items are rendered useless as general use. As the most popular dungeon is not Lost Halls, but rather Oryx’s Sanctuary, a non-rushable dungeon, the Snake Eye Ring deserves a fat:
0.5/5* (for unique uses no one would legitimately use)

With the final tally, the Snake Eye gets a score of

… Honestly, not as good as I thought. My views were definitely positive when making this post due to doing ppes, not discords, but now I can give a accurate analysis.

Part 1 of Summary/Final Thoughts
Snake Eye Ring is a phenomenal ring to get in the early game, or those farming early dungeons. Paired with any class with good survivability, or a rushing ability, the Snake Eye will be a prominent swap out.

Any of you can share your thoughts down below if you think there’s a ring that’s the best ring in the game!

Update: After making a long comment to someone’s response, I realized I can post that as part 2! Keep in mind half of what I talk about is theoritical, and not actually tested, so take some of my comments with a pinch of salt.

About Consumables
SER essentially gives permanent uses of speedy. Abilities with infinite uses in games always have a drawback while consumables are superior in their temporarily effect. Take dex increasing items for example. Exalted Horn gives +10 dex when above 90% hp, while dex tincs give +15 dex, and dex effusions give +30. Dex effusions give 3x the dex stat to the entire group than Exalted Horn! Of course I’m not saying Snake Eye Ring is as good as Exalted Horn, but objectively speaking, consumables always will have superior effects due to the time it takes to farm for each batch.

Use an HP Ring
Already mentioned how SER has crappy base stats, and for rushing dungeons, well . . .

SER does have a 3 second cooldown, so rushing while relying on it only would be difficult to adjust to, and would be close to impossible to use in intermediate+ rushing (like abyss and sewers, where enemies can kill you within seconds in one wrong move). However, with the on ability use it’s like a worse pre-buffed helm plastered to your actual ability. Here are some theoretical uses for it to maybe equal or even overcome the usefulness of more max HP:

Tomes + SER:
Healing while gaining speed will allow you to start a speedy escape from the situation.

Orb + SER:
Want to make your stasis rush a faster experience? Simply use your stasis on a group of mobs, and speed past them laughing.

Cloak + SER
Hate that you don’t get speedy while invisible? Use this combination so you have a leg up over those rushing players than attract shots and kill you.

Sprouts + SER?:
On top of abilities, notice how you can stack on Exalted Horn and dex effusions earlier? The same thing can go for Sprouts with SER. Feel like your SER tires out at the worst possible timing? Pop a sprout to rush on!

On a side note, lets compare SER with other speedy items:
Warrior, Ninja, Trickster
They have consistent speedy, or simply don’t need speedy. Yeah they’re rusher classes. Snake Eye Ring makes any class have speedy, at a lower efficiency, but allowing for combinations with abilities that special speed based abilities don’t do (see previous paragraph)
Other UT/ST equipment give amazing speedy! Chuck the ring out!
Hold on, you know how annoying it is to get said items?
Legacy Ghastly Drape needs to be traded, and are probably being duped as we speak.
Shrieking Quiver? Sure, if you want to do libraries all day.
Orb of Conflict? Just no.
These items are hard to get, and even when you get them, their main gimmick is to just give speedy anyways! You can combine these items with an HP ring, but frankly a tiered ability + snake eye might prove to be just as effective as the previously mentioned items (in fact, I think half of the theoretical uses come from the items in question!)
Ah hold on! Rings that give regular speed are faster!
Yeah, but doing the math on realmeye, I came up with something like this:

Calculating tiles per second: 4 + 5.6 * (SPD / 75)
Average class with 50 speed using Ring of Unbound Speed for 5 seconds:
4 + 5.6 * (50 + 10 / 75) * 5 seconds
= 42.4 tiles in 5 seconds
Average class with 50 speed using Snake Eye Ring for 5 seconds:
2 seconds * (4 + 5.6 * (50 + 3 / 75) * 1.5 speedy ) + 3 seconds * (4 + 5.6 * (50 + 3 / 75)
= 47.744 tiles in 5 seconds

People, we’re talking about an easy ut giving essentially +25 speed, compared to the crappy red bag no one wanted giving half the amount of speed. Don’t even talk about candy ring, a worse ubspd and basically feed power. A knight can be faster than a rogue with base speed!

Now, you are probably thinking if you read through all of this: I don’t care, why should I care about a ring that gives a bit more speed than crappy speed rings? Why compare this ring and make restrictions based on what you get and don’t get? Dammit I have a million better rings I can use in my vault. I use a deca ring so I can survive mbc survival, and a forgotten crown to make my 4/4 wizard skip o3 phrases.

Ladies and Gents, with all the accumulated data, personal experiences, and an 8/8 death, I found the Snake Eye Ring proves its might in:

… Oh, were you expecting something to help you fill up your vault with O3 whites and crafted Endgame/Event Whites? Too bad.


The moment you open your eyes as a 0/8 character, the first item that should be on your checklist is the snake ring. Get a pet, go to godlands, solo dive into Snake Pits, whip the boss’s hp bar, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a snake eye ring on your first few tries.

From there players are able to rush, or just run, through tedious dungeons like Sprite World, Undead Lairs, and yes, even Snake Pits, at a faster rate than ever before. Have fun running around the realm to kill event bosses for mid tier dungeons, and clear Oryx’s heroes to travel to his castle. Kill the statues for Janus faster than ever before (cause I’m pretty sure you can get a st robe). After steamrolling Stone Statues and Oryx, you arrive in the Wine Cellar. Instead of lagging behind while suffering from the remaining minions in the hallways, you can run alongside the group, and reach O2 to get that sweet wc top.

I mean, some people skip maxing their character and do discords at minimum requirement. But at that point, you might as well be doing a Discord Player Experience (DPE).

Final Thoughts Part Two
Snake Eye Ring is really only good for PPEs, as it aids characters to run through tedious dungeon maxing, event bosses, and O2. While there are special uses in certain situations, the meta of the game does not allow for this ring to shine.

Less PPEs are being made as new content comes out, causing people to farm dungeons to get their desired whites, rather than challenging themselves. Small rant on PPEs, but that’s all for now!


Let me guess, you shared similar opinion with Gleff as he proclaim that Snake Eye is in that level.


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Who’s Gleff? I only know Sebchoof, Bickuribox12, Hyperion, YinYarn, SlvderDollar, SPENCA, RotMG Troller, and The Mother Ship.

The rest of the ROTMG youtubers seems to just pump out ppes.

Just Kidding! But actually I think I heard of Gleff’s yt name somewhere, can’t remember his videos though…


That’s an odd way to spell “Regal Ring”.


Read the entire post, and not just the title, and you’d see snake eye ring isn’t completely useless


All seriousness though, I did try to incorporate snake eye ring into my gameplay, and honestly the only real use I’ve seen in it is to rush to events and realm quests faster. I’ve never found use in it in rushing dungeons or doing endgame boss fights because having to swap out your ring for it incurs a heavy penalty of losing whatever HP bonus your ring has given. To gain the speedy effect for 2s to avoid a fatal incident, you’d sacrifice >100HP (usually, for most players), it doesn’t seem very economical imo.

If you’re on a class that doesn’t have speedy and is relatively slow (eg. Knight, Wizard without the slurp set), just invest a few minutes to finding a forest maze and stocking up on speed sprouts to use on your 2nd slot. You can stack up to 8, which means getting out of 8 sticky situations, and it gives you 5 seconds of speedy compared to 2 seconds from the snake eye ring, it is extremely worthwhile and I can’t emphasise how many times that has saved me from a nexus or death~




When determining the absolute best of something, you shouldn’t have accessibility on there. That doesn’t change how good an item is, just how easy to get it is.


Yeah, snake eye ring is pretty dope


Snake eye ring is still extremely useable in oryx’s sanctuary, especially with all of the bad chase phases, like nowhere to run, or accept your fate. Put it on, speedy away. It’s also useful for crossing heavens beams, especially in bad situations.
I would be more generous to the ring than you were, and would actually rank it as 2/5 for its usability as an ez “out” in bad situations at 03


To reemphasize PhantomMod’s point, carrying seed sprouts is probably more effective than carrying the swapout ring in end game dungeons, both because you aren’t losing out on the (sometimes highly) beneficial stats of a main ring, and sprouts last longer plus lack a cooldown.

This is assuming you want to farm and store those sprouts, but at that point, obtaining a snake eye ring probably takes about the same amount of effort.


Definitely not as much in the long term. I carry both sprouts and the ring with me. Granted, I don’t run end-game dungeons (cause who can, in pub), it seems like if we’re putting Speed Sprout into the equation, maybe we should be looking at what other options you could have if you didn’t have them in that slot. Holy water is a really good candidate if you don’t want to sacrifice the MP potion slot.


Not to mention the ring has basically infinite uses in a dungeon so long as you’re not silenced/quieted. And in end-game situations you probably wouldn’t be switching much aside from weapons so a swapout ring to use for a second or two shouldn’t affect you in a situation where you really need the speed boost.


Your points are very valid. Speed sprout does have more speedy time than Snake Eye Ring (SER), and it does not give any survivability stats (hp, def, etc.), nor good at actual rushing.

And to be serious as well, I made a second update to the post! Have fun reading it!


Updated the og post! Thanks for the feedback!