The Best Rogue Set


I believe this is one of the better Rogue sets someone with more experience can use, it complements his cloaking ability rather well whilst also allowing him to get some dps done. I am using the holllyhock Hide as a main and the golem armor as a secondary for when I don’t take any damage (Void last phase, or Event Chest f.e).
Is there anything missing for a perfectly balanced rogue Set?, (I think the uses for the daggers are all rather obvious, no explanation needed). Havent played the game in a very long time, so maybe there are some Items which aren’t on my radar yet.
Sorry for the low Quality picture, below is a better one.


Agents of oryx dagger (Bounty Hunter’s dagger) is like the best dagger


Ill check it out.

Oh yeah, it seems very nice, but I think the toxic tooth ; especially on the rogue; does more dps and makes it better.
But yeah, Id love to get that dagger, looks sick and seems highly versatile. definetly one of the best:v:


Also, the ninja st armor (hirejou tenne) is a really good armor, giving a mere 7 def in exchange for a whooping +8 dexterity and attack


I think att is more vital for dagger classes in most situations but yeah; noted. :+1:

Oooh, my bad. This thing is really nice, will definetly try to get it somehow. Dont really know where to find it yet but that will be my next goal for now!


Another thing: I dont think that acidified assasin ring is a good pick, the -10 spd from combining it with the toxin tooth can be really bad at times, I would go with another ring if I was you- something like a pyra, deca or crown, depending on what you have