The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Hullo mateys.

This was reasonably successful back on the ol’ kabammers so I thought I might as well bung it down 'ere.

I prithee spare the NR comments c;

~ Puffagod <3

Edit: Here is the one with a few item rebalances:

Another update on January 3rd:

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Advice for Players Struggling with In-Game Death
New Dungeon
Oryx Art Challenge (Dec 12 to Dec 13 19:30 UTC)
The Regular Bridge
Dungeon Idea: Infernal Tophet (WIP)
A Realmeye Christmas [CLOSED]

Absolutely stunning work on this. This is one of the best dungeon ideas I’ve seen since The Shatters!


Cheers geezer ^


Puffagod is back


Oh, but if that picture’s phisiognomy was in any measure easier to interpret. Nice to meet you, friend!


Wow this is really good, it really looks like a lot of work was put into this. I hope this gets added.
Have you sent this to DECA?


Oh my God. Yes. We need this dungeon. Excellent work. I don’t care how OP it seems now, this was an extremely well thought out dungeon. My hat is off to you sir.


Amazing work dude keep it up


JUST PERFECT :heart_eyes:


I really wanna see this inplemented in the game :3 I loved!!!I It would be like the best dungeon in game c: i hope we can get the key by killing Oryx 2? Should be like a rare drop


I have not sent anything, although I’d be happy to comply if DECA wanted to use it ^-^


This is absolutely beautiful. Nice job on the sprites and the detail you put into the wordings of explaining it!


I’m running out of likes.


oh my god that is so thought out and unique in all ways (some of the rings may be overpowered but still!) I want to know if you are going to send this to deca/if deca has already sent you something about adding this in the game THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED!


This is definitely worth being added lets hope it does


Nice sprites :wink:


Thankee, sai!
All sprites are under the tag ‘pofsbeyond42’ in the standard editor, (I know some of them are oddly blurry in the document, and all devoid of their animations). Y’all might wanna take a gander there ;3


The items seem extremely powerful…


You Must Nerft Most Of Custom Items…Owerall 10/10 I Love Those Ideas <3


The original post had pages of justifications with regards to the loot. I personally feel it befits the scale and difficulty of the dungeon, but if anyone is willing to provide specific and meaningful suggestions, I’d be more than happy to consider them :wink: