The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Hey! For the record, I already submitted some sprites from Oryx’s Paracosm -
ya’ll should check that out if you haven’t! c:

I don’t think too highly of many of the Beyond’s sprites any more…
I am considering a partial overhaul at some point :3


Love the dungeon, Puffagod. There is one thing I feel that you need to change.

In my opinion, I feel that the ring may be too overpowered. It could leave for anyone just sitting back at the spawn room of a dungeon, and telling the rusher where the sarcs are, the trooms are, and the boss is, since the stats would be the trade off for the perk of seeing the dungeon layout.

Make the dungeon drop a consumable (random in a stack ranging from 1-4) that when consumed will reveal the map. This will allow the same effect, just not as often since it will be consumed on use.


@ProxRiotx I disagree about it being too overpowered. If it’s rare (like shatters whites/event whites) shouldn’t that be a benefit that endgame players deserve? It’s not like finding sarcs as stated in your example is difficult. Just time consuming, and honestly, speeding up a dungeon doesn’t make it too overpowered.


Actually, I disagree with you. The rarity of an item doesn’t help balance it if it’s too overpowered, rather, the rarer a good item is, the further divide it creates between the experienced pros and moderate players who have little way to obtain an item.


Boy… You’re gonna HATE the new omnipotence ring from the lost halls


I already do, although I’m hoping the stats will be changed by the time it’s released. Not to mention the disgusting sprite


Fantastic Idea! Great work!


Really depends on how you feel about that, personally I find it strong, but not overpowered.

The Atk and Def are minimal and won’t do much.
The Spd and Dex are weak boosts but are noticable.
The Vit and Wis don’t mean anything because of pets.
The Hp and Mp are on par with Expo / Bracer, aka it’s a good boost.


This is a direct upgrade of the already good nile ring,with an extra 3 att 3 def 5vit 5 wis. You think that’s not OP?


Yes, I think it’s well balanced.
If the dungeon stays true to the document, this’ll be a rare ring from the Void Entity, this is gonna be like getting a crown, you have to endure all the crazy shit the dungeon throws at you, beat several bosses, and it’s all down to luck in the end.

Unless you’re with some friends / guild mates opening some of these, how do you honestly expect to get this? I’ve gotten 3/3 in public tombs before, this is on a whole other level comparatively, it’s like comparing the sprite world to the abyss of demons, there’s a HUGE difficulty difference between the two dungeons.

Granted, rarity generally isn’t a good balancing method, but it definitely works here.


This was honestly so well made, i hope this can make it into the game so much!




Hey Puffagod, i don’t mean to be a copycat but could you tell me how you create, edit, and upload the pdf dungeon ideas?

It would be such a help because i have a (fairly) large (ish) dungeon idea but don’t have the time to upload in one post. It would be very helpful if i was able to upload it all at once.



P.S. Would it still work if i have a MAC?


ugh typical hardware misconceptions. Most things work on both macs and pcs now, and linux too.

If something he uses is mac-only, then a vm should solve your problems… o wait apple is greedy ;-;


yo, I just type it all out on a word document, convert it to a PDF and slap it on google drive.
It ain’t pretty but it gets the job done :3


thanks bro


SORRY to bother you again, but in your posts you have sprites bigger than 16x16 (such as the pictures showing how to put fame into the portal)

What program can i use if i want to do things such as make a layout of a whole dungeon?


Wrong dungeon! xD

I used adobe photoshop for all the non art-maker images. I believe there is a thing called ‘Tiled’ which lots of people use for making whole layouts, I’ve never used it or made any myself, the ones in the Beyond are courtesy of Xaklor. I’m sorry I don’t have so much information about that, but to be fair I’ve done pretty well without using it, so its by no means a compulsory thing :3


ik its wrong dungeon XD just wanted to get your attention, I appreciate your help and support of getting my idea out there.


Here ya go laddies