The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


The most well thought and well designed dungeon since… well since nothing. this would be a game changer! AWESOME


Crown of the Warlord seems to be a bit overpowered, cooldown is lower than the duration itself so with pet good enough you can spam it with permanent berserk and almost permanent damaging.


Hey! This actually isn’t the case, as was discussed a lot on the Kabam forums.

Unlike every other helm, Warlord has different durations for the effects applied to yourself and those applied to the team. It is a UT, so this is permitted :3

So it applies berserk to the group for 5 seconds (in a huge radius).
And it applies damaging + berserk to you for 2.5 seconds.
The cooldown is 3.5 seconds.

So you can perma-berserk your team if you have a good enough pet, but you have to wait 1 second before you resume your 2.5 funtime as an all-consuming DPS god.


This is actually an amazing dungeon. Amazing job.


BOO! c:

Many moons ago, when shadows were known to dance free from those who cast them, Puffagod le Sorcier conjured forth some tacky reskins for the Beyond. Witness them and know true terror!

Pumpkin of Oryx

A fell grimace wrought from a common vegetable; a ghoulish memento of the great vineyard-blight of ’46 and its crippling effect on Oryx’s human head budget.

Bane of Oryx

A gnarled vessel of ineffable antiquity, fermenting a noxiously potent brew of batstongue and lizardeye coeval with the earliest primogenitors of mankind.

Spark of Life

You shall be food for my minions.

Crown of Bones

To wear a crown is hell enough.

I trust those were sufficiently spooky! :smiley:
do check out the Paracosm reskins too, and have a great Halloween c:




This is amazing!! If deca doesnt make this a dungeon I will cry. Only suggestion is nerf the items a bit, literally all of them they sound too op to me.


Best dungeon ever, hope DECA approves




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