The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod

  • It will ruin any chance of this being implemented on prod.
  • It will ruin my reputation.
  • It will probably also ruin the dungeon (third party design choices).
  • I do not support private servers.
  • NR has tormented me for ages and I have become stubborn.
  • The sprites are made on the Art Maker - they belong to the company, so I have no right to ‘give permission’ for their use (even if I wanted to, which I don’t).

Sincerest apologies, but the list goes on.

Feel free to PM me, as RMGnoob said.


Excellent dungeon, very well designed. One question though, say you have a red glow and are wearing one of the rings that gives you a black glow, which glow appears? Or will it simply have red outlined by black or vise versa? I don’t have a glow nor do I think I’ll obtain one I am simply curious.


Maybe it could pulse, and the colours gradually change ;3

Although that might be too graphically intensive; I suppose the best thing would be to give players a choice as to which glow to display somewhere in the options, or whether even to display the black glow.

Hopefully there’ll be a chance to get a black one sometime in the future…

Heaven permitting!


Thanks for posting this here! It’s definitely one of the best dungeon ideas that have been made for this game!


Please send this to Deca! This would be an amazing addition to realm!


Wow, your a bloody legend. I love the sprites and items. I’m going to spam the thumbs up(something I do when I see good effort).




spamming? that? i would show you what real spamming is but people like to flag those comments so ill pass.


Err… :expressionless:


almost every day for the past YEAR i have seen this thread, going all the way back to the kabam forums. and while this dungeon is absolutely gold, (a fact which has been made plainly obvious since the day it met the internet) this little fact continues to drive me up the wall, if for no other reason than to make it even possible to put it into the game.

IF it’s ok with you, i would like to take a stab at balancing this. I cannot guarantee immediate results, nor can i guarantee that it will be perfect, but i would like to make it possible. If you refuse, I will take no offense whatsoever, i totally understand that creator’s bias. the want to leave it all as it was oringinally, warts and all. In particular i’m afraid i may be particularly cruel to your UTs and final Oryx fight.
I will do nothing without your approval first.

Also, finally, you can have a like from me. I am impressed i haven’t done so yet.


I cannot prevent you. However; I cannot guarantee that I’ll accept your changes, and even if I do, that the final submission will be the ‘balanced’ version. Having created dungeons yourself, I’m sure you understand the creation dynamic - I am naturally hesitant to ‘meddle in god’s domain’, as it were.

I can consider this an advanced suggestion for improvement; something which I am all for, if it makes it better. But, hell, it’s my dungeon, and I reserve the last word.

Let us co-ordinate via PMs. Perhaps something will come out of this? :slight_smile:


… exchanging ideas between two great dungeon concept creators…

…this will certainly become the best dungeon…


Wasn’t Lost Halls a sort of group project?


no clue, truth is i dont look at all these big ideas.


Just checked, it included Typemaster, WunderWafe, Dappertron, obviously Toastrz, and some others.


well… nvm then


I’m glad you at least have that much confidence in me/us/puffagod, I thought the nameless void was pretty good but it doesn’t even hold a candle to the beyond’s popularity. In truth, I will probably be simply suggesting number changes and very few behavioral changes, although i do have some suggestions for the latter.
I am about 80% complete with my FULL read-through of the document, every last letter and number, and there are a couple holes I have found but only in the nitty gritty. i will post all of my notes here when i have finished, but so far it probably wouldn’t be impossible as-is. the major problem is still the oyrx fight and his associated UTs, but I’m not there yet.


Wow! I hope this get’s added!


Yes, the Lost Halls was a group project. I was the “lead designer” so to say, but people like WunderWafe, Dappertron, etc. helped in various aspects like sprites, concepts and brainstorming. No dungeon idea should be a one man project in my opinion. I can guarantee you the Lost Halls would be garbage if I didn’t have people there to tell me when something sounded stupid and needed changing.


sorry guys, for the dungeons all ive ever looked at is the white bags.