The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


This is a lot of information, so I’ll try to format it as beautifully as possible.
Also, from a fanfic/fantasy perspective, the original is far better as it has the perfect balance of basically impossible and not quite actually impossible. I’m simply trying to get it down to the point where actual implementation may become a reality.
lastly, information that’s actually missing will be highlighted green

Part 1 changes, Stronghold of Raulum

  • Gilded Marauder: seems a bit too tanky for a normal enemy, the dungeon will still escalate to normal enemies this tanky but for this area i think his def should be reduced to 65-70
  • Desecrated Monolith: This bit of information actually surprised me, but there is no reason to actually kill it, alone it simply has a mildly irritating yet not dangerous and easy to dodge attack. the danger comes from trying to kill it, because that’s when it starts spawning effigys and warriors. I have two suggestions for improving this guy 1) make him activate and spawn at regular time intervals like the towers in shatters, or 2) have him behave as a switch, putting up a wall in his room that only goes away when he is killed. also, his self-healing ability is probably too much.
  • Raulum the Terminal
  1. change the speed of Mace Strike and Blade Swipe to 9 or 10
  2. change stun time of Mace Strike to 2.5-3s, 5s is a long time.
  3. on phase 2 he will sometimes heal himself of stun and unleash some mace strikes, he should blink once or twice right before he does it as a warning, if for no other reason than to tell you what’s going on the first time you see him
  4. on phase 3 he ‘goes back to phase 1’ if not pushed into the next phase after 180s. how long do the repeat phase 1 and 2 last? they are tied to his hp, but he doesn’t heal enough to jump all the way back to phase 1 or even phase 2.
  5. on phase 4, does raulum move? if he doesn’t this phase is fine, if he additionally chases people i think he should summon fewer gilded marauders, 2-3.
  6. on his final phase, the rage phase, how long does he have the armored effect? having armored on these bosses brings their def to astronomically high numbers, for Raulum it’s probably ok as long as it doesn’t last that long.

Part 2 changes, Niruel’s Keep

  • Aether Warlock: for his ‘spellbomb’ it should be given away by a lobbing animation, similar to Dr. Terrible’s green potion, but exploded immediately. this is both to make this dodgeable and feasible, since all projectiles have to have something for them to come from (i think). Alternatively, the Aether Warlock could spawn a cursor-shaped enemy with no hitbox, the cursor could then lazily move about and occasionally explode into many magenta bolts.
  • Aer Demon: How is the invisible quieting projectile used? It doesn’t say anywhere how this is used. I assume it’s supposed to be either a quieting field or a quieting fountain kind of effect. I think it’s ok either way I just want to know
  • Flux Node: Change speed of flux channel to to 9, and/or remove paralysis. alternatively, make flux channel a very infrequent attack.
  • Niruel the Vanguard
  1. Same thing for his spellbombs as the Aether Warlock
  2. Rage Phase, in between Archmage-like supernovas when he chases players, his shotgun probably shouldn’t be comprised of actually random projectiles, that would look sloppy. how about dream magic, aether bolts, energy beams, and coriolis strikes in that order?

Part 3 changes, Province of Tyrrius

  • Slow immunity is definitely a bit much, especially on the regular enemies here.
  • Guardian Templar: reduce def to 80, reduce speed of blades from 20 to 11-12, at speed 20 but range 3 they would be nearly invisible since they would only last for a fraction of a second.
  • Hunter Warden: It’s not stated how long it pauses before switching from blue fire to energy pulses. that pause time is critical to the balance of this enemy, it needs to be just long enough for paralysis to wear off in time for the energy pulses or this op little demon will be popping people left and right. I’m thinking just **.**5s longer than paralysis time is enough to get punished by the first wave of pulses but not popped by the whole barrage, assuming that they start running immediately after paralysis wears off. Even with this, he will still probably be the Ice Adept of The Beyond.
  • Fettered Captive: his attack pattern is comparable to that of helpless souls and blobombs, but unlike those two, he does not self-destruct after the blue explosion. I think he should do that, and also increase the quiet time from 5s to 7s to urge players to dodge that one explosion. Also reduce speed of the blue explosion from 19 to 10, to match the blobomb’s speed which is fast enough. Lastly, Immunity to all status effects is not good, this includes armor break, curse, and slow. IMO i think that immunity to armor break should never be around, immunity to curse should be used in absence of more common immunities, and immunity to slow should only be used in extremely dire situations, such as boss rages in this dungeon
  • Shadow Magus: reduce speed of shadow bolt to 8 or remove armor pierce of shadow bolt.
  • Dark Cyclone: reduce lifetime to 5s and/or reduce spawn rate, to avoid getting perpetually attacked by these.
  • Tyrruis the Enslaver
  1. As awesome as a 10s entrance would be, the time required to complete this dungeon is already astronomical. reduce entrance time to 3s, i think that would still give the chilling awe that a 10s entrance would
  2. Reduce total hp of Tyrruis to 100,000 and scale the hp of phases accordingly, between the 100 def of the monolith and the 80,000 hp of the remnant, this is already a very long fight.
  3. Reduce speed of darkness bolt to 9 and speed of orange star to 9
  4. Reduce paralysis duration or orange star from 5s to 1-1.5s, being paralyzed for that long during most phases will guarantee death, anyone who gets hit by a single one might as well nexus, and the player toll will be obscene.
  5. ‘barely visible blurry radiance’, as long as that is merely poetic language at work it’s fine, as long as there isn’t so many that dodging is impossible or that they don’t increase in speed.
  6. remove armor break effect of White Orb or reduce it to 1s, there’s a lot of projectiles going around.
  7. phase 4 the summoning, I think that it would be much simpler and much less confusing if the monolith was simply invincible while the remnant is alive.
  8. Reduce speed of silver shield to 10 and silver ram to 9
  9. Final Monolith phase, cycle through previous phases in a set order as opposed to random, or stop and do nothing for 2-3s in between phases while changing randomly.
  10. loot changes, change from dropping 2-3 manas to a life and a generous (though still random) distribution of multiple def and atk pots.

Part 4, Citadel of Oryx
these stat changes are made under the assumption that there are only 2-3 enemies per room, if there are more then further nerfs are in order

  • Elite Armor Guard: reduce def to 85, reduce speed of oryx slash to 7, speed of dark orb to 10
  • The Hollow, same immunity changes as Fettered Captive. Reduce speed of Black Blade to 10
  • Elite Henchman of Oyrx: Reduce hp to 15,000, reduce speed of black shield to 8 and armor break duration to 1-2s
  • Dark Acolyte: Reduce damage of white pulse to 150, remove healing effect of white pulse or make it equal to the damage dealt, like ruthven.


  1. Sprite is cool and all, but he actually got skinnier. XD also signature shield is missing, but this is a purely aesthetic change
  2. drop hp to 200,000, possibly even lower
  3. reduce weak of white orb to 4-5s
  4. reduce pet stasis duration of energy boomerang to 7-10s
  5. reduce speed of dark shield to 6
  6. actuall set the damage of energy bolt, probably somewhere around 160, reduce speed to 11-12
  7. reduce slow duration of green star to 4s
  8. reduce speed of fire bolt to 8
  9. reduce speed of red blast to 5
  10. reduce speed of blade of darkness to 13, damage to 160. also stacking of blind and darkness means very little
  11. reduce speed of nova bolt to 8
  12. reverse the stats of magenta and red spinner for thematic consistency. (the elite henchman’s red star confuses, but oryx’s does not, that’s why)
  13. reduce speed of power bolt to 12
  14. reduce duration of all massive star effects by 50%, speed of each by 6
  15. reduce speed of shield to 12
  16. invisible shot is redundant really, if you touch him you’ll pop from all the OTHER shots
  17. remove buffing option, even with this changes it’ll still be insanely difficult on normal
  18. armored o3 is even tankier than an avatar, he should never have that effect up
  19. phase 2 just summon 2 elite henchmen
  20. orbital phase, don’t summon more elite henchmen, enough is going on as it is
  21. invisible projectile of black orbital is redundant again, no one is going to want to touch it. also no particle trail for lag reasons
  22. orbital phase remove the occasional lunging forward, no one likes it when feargus does it and just because oryx is the one doing it doesn’t mean that it’s ok
  23. final part of orbital phase an actual number of how many projectiles is missing, but there should be fewer coming from oryx than I’m imagining from what is written
  24. mini chase is fine assuming dodging is actually doable as you say it would be, although the result of that would be far fewer projectiles than you might think
  25. eye of the void invisible projectile is also redundant
  26. I’m assuming the ‘Inquisition’ shotgun phase is O2’s attack pattern but using the corresponding projectile from this oryx while he remains stationary. but it doesn’t say if he stays put. if he chases or moves while doing this he should not summon the 2 acolytes.
  27. ‘moar shotguns’ phase oryx should just be invulnerable the whole time, so that players focus on the crystals
  28. moar shotguns phase is complicated enough with just the inquisition shotgun overlayed with the crytals. re-introducing phase 1 is over the top
  29. sentry crystals should not summon more elite henchman upon death, enough is going on already
  30. doom bringer phase: I’m not actually sure what’s going on in this phase
  31. the end, i would say never immune to paralysis and always to stun, or have some kind of INDICATOR showing which one he isn’t immune to
  32. i also think that phase 4 chase stacked with the giant star gun and infinite range AoE is enough for rage
  33. death phase with all those projectiles seems extremely unnecessary and pretty annoying, also summoning even more minions upon death is too much
  34. oryx should have a liberal smattering of life pots all around, and a very high drop rate of tops

I have to go now, so I’ll put my suggestions for balancing the items later, but this is what i’ve got so far. Most of what I’ve said is reducing speed of projectiles, which seems to be a thematic constant throughout this dungeon. some projectiles may need to have their speeds reduced even further than what I’ve said, most shots in the Shatters don’t actually move very fast but they still kill people anyway.

I would like to say that Puffagod has done an excellent job on the behaviors of the enemies, so balancing the dungeon is mostly a matter of tweaking numbers. I would also strongly urge anyone who has simply glanced over this or skimmed it to go back and re-read the entire thing, there’s a lot there but that’s what makes it awesome.

Class idea! The Bladeswiper
Advice for Players Struggling with In-Game Death

These are some great ideas. I’m going to cherry pick a few of the immediately obvious ones for now, but believe me when I say that the majority of these seem sensible alterations to make. I am honoured by the time you’ve evidently taken to realise these!

Now why didn’t I think of that?

Good point… ehm…

Without a doubt. [quote=“Xaklor, post:82, topic:509”]
How is the invisible quieting projectile used?

It’s a typo. It’s meant to be contact damage; never got around to fixing it. [quote=“Xaklor, post:82, topic:509”]
his shotgun probably shouldn’t be comprised of actually random projectiles, that would look sloppy.

I think I meant random orders of projectiles, but yes, I agree. [quote=“Xaklor, post:82, topic:509”]
Slow immunity is definitely a bit much, especially on the regular enemies here.

You think so? I thought slowed was more or less obsolete, when you consider the proportion of frequently used paralysing items.

Oh dear lord, most certainly!

So do I xD

If I had gotten to the Beyond stage three; I doubt I would even bother to pick these up. [quote=“Xaklor, post:82, topic:509”]
These stat changes are made under the assumption that there are only 2-3 enemies per room

2-3 enemies per room? What kind of a lightweight do you think Oryx is? There are only a few rooms anyway!


But you see, Oryx 2’s red star is the armour piercer. The Elite Henchman’s spinner is simply an upgraded version of the Oryx Henchman’s spinner; red simply fits the colour theme.

I disagree! A truly organised group shouldn’t need prompting, and a disorganised group shouldn’t survive this far.


What’s this?

I fully agree with you. The happy thing is that these changes won’t involve screwing with the formatting of the entire document; a process as tiresome as trying to cycle through couscous.

You might have picked up on some deliberate ambiguity while reading through this idea (the quote is simply illustrative). A lot of the time I decided to exploit the reader’s presumed imagination rather than struggle against my own laziness. To be totally honest; I never thought I’d get this far, or that anyone would particularly care about the various intricacies I have left open. But yes, if the heavens spare us and the creeks don’t rise, these green comments should be sorted out eventually.

With regards to codifying any upcoming changes, I cannot provide an exact time frame. I actually have another project - [redacted] - running at the moment; and needless to say, it claims priority. But believe me when I say that [redacted] will most certainly be [redacted], and that [redacted] will be completely, totally, and utterly [redacted] than the Beyond.

I eagerly anticipate (dread) the second round of changes!
Thank you so much for the suggestions - they are exemplary! :smiley:


As someone who worked on a dungeon mostly solo before, I can safely say it was a pretty bad experience.
I don’t feel that it turned out how I envisioned it. The sprites were bad, aside from one that wasn’t even made by me, and there were few enemies. The enemies that existed were either templates of enemies, odd looking, or copies of other enemies in the dungeon/sprites I’ve made in the past.

Another thing I’ve noted is that making a dungeon without any sort of guide can really screw you up. When making my dungeon idea (which I haven’t named or linked because it was so poorly and lazily made), I did everything off of the top of my head. This is, in my opinion, what killed it the most.

Honestly, I’m considering remaking the dungeon in the future, while using these things I’ve picked up to make it great.
Of course, I won’t be doing that right now. I have 2 dungeon ideas, one of which still requires sprites to be made, in the works, along with 1 dungeon concept and 1 miscellaneous idea with a few sprites each.


I’m glad you like most of them thus far, here’s the second half of my notes:

First, I forgot to mention something on the Tyrrius Monolith. His white orbs have an amplitude of 5 and a frequency of 10. With a range of 10, that looks something like this:

I’m almost certain that’s not the image you had in mind, so I did some tweaking and thought that changing the frequency to 1 would be a lot better, 6 streams of these would look like this:

I think that’s mind-boggling enough, yet not undodgeable, and would definitely confuse many a veteran player since no pattern even resembling this has ever been done before.

onto the UT’s, I can’t say one way or the other whether these are better but here’s what i have to say on them:

  1. Skull of the effigy: I’m not 100% sure what this does, but it looks like a skull that does 150 armor piercing damage, but the damage and associated heals are spread out over a 5s duration. Kind of a poison and skull put together. I don’t see anything wrong with what i just said, so if that’s the correct interpretation this item’s good.

  2. Crown of the Warlord: at first glance, it looks super useful. but the extended cooldown would probably get a bit annoying, as will the meager 2s of super buff time. Not to mention that those 2s are even more useless if there’s a paladin nearby. On top of all that. it only has half the def boost of ghelm/ggen.
    I would change the def to 7, the buff duration to 4.5s (same as jugg but a lot less than ghelm/ggen), and the cooldown to 5.5s, just to keep the cooldown trend consistent.

  3. Niruel’s Corona: I can see this being used in the realm on rogues, ninjas, warriors and the like to rush the midlands/highlands. But beyond that it’s almost worthless. In addition to what it already grants, i would also add +80-100 hp. So it’s like some compromise between pyra and nile, in addition to moving through obstacles

  4. Staff of Demiurgic Coalescence: I’ve actually got a lot on this one. the way it is now, it’s damage looks like this:

    the red line is cosmic, i accidentally changed its sprite without noticing until now. It’s shot pattern looks something like this:

    So it looks like some kind of crowd control staff, I’m pretty sure I’m not far off. But with that wide spread the damage will be very low, almost negligible. I guess one good thing about the staff this way is that it would be very difficult to completely miss the target though. Here are my revisions of this staff, but I’m not 100% sure which version is better, since in making adjustments I might have removed a key component of the staff
    Stats: (because im too lazy to type it all out, I mean look at what i’ve done already XD)

    Shot pattern Image:

    DPS graph:

    again, red line is cosmic
    Now it goes through enemies, and has a wider spread than a normal staff but not so wide that it’s hard to hit all 3 shots. this is similar to a bow, but it has and even tighter spread than a bow, making it a lot easier on your robes def since the true range isn’t horrible. I think enemy piercing is a lot more effective at being a crowd control effect than super wide range.

  5. Apocrypha of the Beyond: Ever seen me get tilted about Daze? this comes very close. But this has 2 very important factors along with daze itself that those other ideas i ranted at didn’t. first, it only dazes for 1.5s, thats just barely enough to make a difference but not enough to be super powerful like QoT. second, it uses 150 mp per use. That’s a lot, even for a divine pet user. (a divine pet would still make this fairly op, but a divine pet makes everything op. that’s another topic altogether) Between those 2 things, I think this is fine as-is.

  6. Atavistic Mantle: I’m not gonna lie or sugarcoat this, this is downright pathetic. I would probably never use this robe unless I was in an ice cave where everything armor pierces. Anyway here’s my version: +10 def +110 hp +60 mp +3 atk. sacrificing def for hp is something that would probably be more helpful in end-game dungeons where there is a high concentration of bullets that you want to avoid at all costs, regardless of class. (cough cough the beyond cough) Still not sure if this is particularly useful, it’s benefits are still fairly niche imo, but if paired with Ancient Spell: Pierce the def wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice.

Note on 5 and 6: why does Tyrrius drop Niruel-themed equipment? It completes a wizard set i guess, but I think something like a soulburst spell or a mechanical robe would fit better. but this is yet another aesthetic comment, so it doesn’t change anything structural.

  1. Eye of Oryx: from my understanding of the history of this document, when this was originally drafted there was no option to turn on hp bars, so this would let you see something that was previously unsee-able. You then later added that it reveals additional data on the enemy such as exact number of hit points left and the def of your target, so that it wouldn’t be made totally useless since hp is something you could see now. However, the exact numbers don’t matter quite as much as the relative numbers, (what % of hp it has left) and that this new information it adds is still somewhat useless between the Realmeye wiki and experience (something you would need a great deal of to even beat this dungeon once). Furthermore, as awesome as this dungeon is, I don’t think that we need something even more powerful than the Forgotten Crown, or that this should completely overshadow the Shatters. Anyway, this version I think will still be a very powerful ring, possibly better than the original and the crown.

stats: +4 dex +4 def +4 atk, see the complete minimap of a dungeon while equipped.
removing this will completely erase your minimap, even the sections you would have uncovered naturally. this still lets you see something unsee-able, and still boosts dps by quite a bit. I also added the def to make it a little more manageable since removing it has dire consequences

  1. Soul of Oryx: without the pet buff, I think the Twilight Gemstone is 100% better since this only offers and extra 40 mp and 8 wis (which is nearly useless because of pets) while gem offers 6 def and spd on top of its mp. I know i just said the shatters rings should still be viable, but for most people this isn’t that great since not everyone has legendary or divine pets to benefit from the non-stat benefit. And whoever heard of pet buffs?! anyway i think this will see some use on players despite the combination of stats on the gemstone

stats: +8 wis +150 mp +3 def, drunk and blind immunity
because its a wine bottle. Probably best for assassins doing wc’s, almost as much mp as ubmp and drunk immunity.

  1. Shard of Oryx: this is easily one of the most powerful Ut’s in here, but reducing the duration of confuse may backfire on some of the longer-lasting effects, turning them into cland pixie and lab minibot confuses. I might change the status-effect reducing to 50% chance of ignoring a status effect, but the backfiring of confuse might be a key balancing point.

  2. Burden of Oryx: This is sacrificing a lot for that 33% resurrection chance, and while 100% is definitely op, and chance of failure will probably piss off everyone it fails for. In this case, they would probably be extra angry at how difficult it was to get this in the first place. the super star shotgun is pretty cool, but that’s very unreliable in it’s current state. Here’s my idea for it:
    a ‘universal’ ability items that any class can equip. it unleashes the star shotgun for 120 mp. so now you can be like oryx too!

anyway that’s what I came up with. I’ve got some miscellaneous points too.

  • these items, as powerful and awesome as they are, I think they should have a relatively high drop rate, somewhere around that of ctrap. because the time it takes to do even one run of this will take a long time, and grinding this for something as rare as a shatters white might be like trying to farm cdirks.
  • this dungeon really needs an event boss for a drop in a realm. right now it can only be hosted privately, but gathering enough people to do this might be very difficult. It would be easier to get lots of people from a realm to join to overcome the power of this dungeon.

I guess it could be fine with up to 5 maybe 6, but those are extremely powerful mobs

anyway I think i covered everything i wanted to, and i have just one final question before i finish: are the tile labeled as wall and floor tiles in the pixel editor? I would like to take a shot at making a sample map, but i cannot tell for the life of me if some of those are floor tiles or not.

Advice for Players Struggling with In-Game Death
Class idea! The Bladeswiper

What software is that for the graphs and visual projectiles?



Congratulations on having such a complete, well liked, and thoroughly discussed dungeon idea. It’s been moved to the Best of the Best category.


That’s the closest I’ll come to the mead halls of Valhalla. Thanks, matey! :slight_smile:

(and @Xaklor, I’ll comment on the second wave of suggestions shortly, fear not!)


I can’t actually remember, but yours is far more interesting anyway!

Bang on, matey. [quote=“Xaklor, post:85, topic:509”]
but the extended cooldown would probably get a bit annoying,

I agree. Conflict is basically unplayable at the moment due to the cooldown - but I don’t especially like your other changes here. I don’t want to homogenise any of the UTs for the Beyond, you see. [quote=“Xaklor, post:85, topic:509”]
i would also add +80-100 hp.

Perhaps; I can see how this would increase the appeal somewhat.

I believe it was meant to be a new archetype; a weird fusion of hard-hitting and reliably landing. I do not want to make it pierce and usurp the place of Esben staff, so I personally think a flat damage buff would sort this sucker out.

How about + 8 def + 300 HP + 60 mp?

There were other UTs planned for him, I scrapped them because I thought it would be cool to have a set.

This is perfect. Although, I’d probably make it + 6 att and dex without the def, I just don’t think it really needs it. I will definately make this change.

Eh… I think the immunities are too niche, and I don’t think the 3 def is worth it. I’d just probably buff the amount of MP this gives, and otherwise leave it alone.

I think the key balancing point is that it reduces ALL status effects by a second, whether negative or positive. This may or may not have been clear ;3

Oohh… a universal ability item? Ain’t that a bit too avant-garde?
Maybe I’ll buff the res chance to 50%? I quite like the unreliability - it’s like the Mehrunes’ Razor of RotMG!

Aye, most of them are named as ‘tile’ or ‘wall’. The tag is ‘pofsbeyond42’, and I’d love to see a sample map!
Just send me a PM if you’re unsure about anything!

Thanks so much for the suggestions; at some point there’ll be a freshly repainted document stinkin’ up this thread with some o’ your idears!


dude YES! If deca doesn’t add this I’m going to be pissed. I love the idea of absolutely new looking white bags that are completely different from any other. I love the concept and work you put into this and everything I saw was amazing. Deca needs to add this new dungeon, it looks like an amazing new adventure Id want to take part in.


This is actually amazing, will be waiting to see dungeon in-game by 2017


Amazing work


Quick update on the maps:
progress is going much slower than i originally anticipated, because I find myself needing to redraw/edit the original tiles. The tiles look great when standing alone, but this is one of the few times when extra shading does not actually make it look better. here’s an example:

I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it, since things like that are hard to tell unless you actually make a bunch of tiles and put them together like this. also, some of the wall tiles are neither top view nor side view, but some kind of crisscross of the two. I have finished a map of Raulum’s keep I’ll send you momentarily, minus obstacles. they look weird from the top-down view that I’m drawing this from but I’m sure they would fit perfectly from a typical RotMG point of view.
The rest of you get to wait until I’ve finished ALL the maps to see them :stuck_out_tongue:


for those of you who have been waiting, and to those of you who haven’t anyway, the maps for the Beyond are finished. you’re going to have to click the links instead of just looking at my post since the images are so huge, but I promise you it’s definitely worth it.
Raulum’s Stronghold:
Niruel’s Keep:
Province of Tyrrius:
Citadel of Oryx:


He’s happy to be a map set piece


yeah puffagod specifically asked me to leave that there, although it was unintentional XD


Will you come up with a sheet with what would need to be procedurally generated ( like rooms and walkways), or will it be like the shatters and have the same layout all the time?


I’m not 100% sure on that, but what I gathered from the original pdf, the first 3 areas will be randomly generated and be similar to the ones I’ve made here, but Citadel of Oryx will always look like that.


Ahh cool!
Just a suggestion, maybe make the hallways in the first map (Raulum’s Stronghold) slightly longer, since the majority of them are ~2 tiles long, I think a stable 3-5 should be fine.


This is the best dungeon that I have ever seen! Keep up the amazing work and I hope that eventually it gets added! It would be nice to not have to do shatters to get endgame loot :slight_smile: anyway, Happy Holidays!

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