The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


holy heck. ive never seen someone put so much work into a concept for any game, ever. I hope this gets implimented into the game. All of the artwork you did is amazing. :kissing_heart:




The Dungeon seems pretty well thought out and planned. Hats off for your imagination, i think you should slightly Nerf the hp on the mantle, seems like its too OP for a robed character to have that much hp from an item. Other than that its amazing, really hope to see this in realm!

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I would really love to see this dungeon in game. It will be a challenge to both new and old realmers.


We need more dungs like this man, Deca please


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Good God this look amazing Deca please make this a thing… Amazing work


Insanely well done, extremely cool, well thought out and done! This would be perfect for a new dungeon, Aka, needs to be instantly put into ROTMG.


the fking effort put into this +1


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also, there’s maps if you scroll up the comments a little bit!


Deca take note. Although I could not do this now, and probably never could, this NEEDS to be an addition. Awesome lore, awesome ideas, and awesome loot. Please, this needs to happen. Add in The Beyond.


This is a really awesome idea! I think it should be added, because we need an insanely hard dungeon besides The Shatters.

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Great idea, but some of the rings too OP. You can’t just buff stats unrelated, like pet abilities, enemy debuffs, and enemy hp. For example, the Soul Of Oryx. This would just become a switch off item. Pros use it when they need hp and mana. Put it on for 5 seconds, have full hp, take it off. It only benefits the people with already good pets, namely pros, and ignores the noobs who might get it.


I know scrolling through all these comments seems undoable and/or pointless, but you might want to see these:

puffagod is working on fixing the doc, but he’s a little busy.


that’s a horrible concept. we don’t need the game being even less friendly to newer/weaker players than it is already.


Um, that’s what I said. I think that this is wrong because it is unfriendly to noobs. And what about the first 2 quotes? Don’t relate to what I said.


fak, you win. I give up, it’s late and I’ve been busy all day. but you should check out those linked posts I showed you