The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod



Here it is, the long-awaited refined document! :smiley:
Many thanks to all of you (and especially Xaklor) for your support and suggestions for improvement!

Brief Changelog

  • Fixed several formatting issues! Hoorah!
  • Reduced Gilded Marauder defence from 80-65.
  • Reduced Desecrated Monolith self-heal to 500hp/5s.
  • Desecrated Monolith now summons hordes at regular intervals.
  • Nerfed many of Raulum the Terminal’s projectiles.
  • Added anti-stun warning to phase 2 mace shotgun.
  • Cleared up some miscellaneous ambiguities in the first section.
  • Reduced Raulum Phase 4 Gilded Marauder spawns.
  • Gave all spellbombs a lobbing animation and a 1s flight time.
  • Finally cleared up that Aerdemon invisible projectile malarky!
  • Slightly increased Elder Guard damage.
  • Cleared up some ambiguities in the Niruel fight sequence.
  • Slightly nerfed majority of Tyrrius’ Province enemies, including def values, proj. speed & attack frequency.
  • Reduced Shadow Cyclone lifetime by 35%.
  • Specified Hunter Warden projectile delays.
  • Reduced length of Tyrrius’ dramatic intro.
  • Reduced Monolith of Tyrrius HP by 100,000.
  • Nerfed duration of status afflictions during this fight.
  • Nerfed some projectile speeds for the Remnant and the Monolith.
  • The Monolith is now invulnerable while the Remnant lives.
  • Random phase cycling post Remnant destruction now has distinct open attack windows.
  • Nerfed several projectile speeds for most enemies in the Dark Citadel.
  • Nerfed lifesteal/overheal for the Dark Acolyte
  • Nerfed speeds and ailment durations for loads of Oryx’s projectiles.
  • Altered some phase-specific immunities and behaviors for Oryx.
  • Clarified a few things here and there.
  • Removed partical effects from antispectators.
  • Slightly buffed Crown of the Warlord stats, effect duration and slightly reduced cooldown.
  • Increased Staff of Demiurgic Coalescence minimum damage value by 10.
  • Niruel’s Corona now also gives + 60 HP.
  • Atavistic Mantle now also gives + 7 def.
  • Eye of Oryx now gives + 6 dex, + 6 att & reveals dungeon minimaps.
  • Burden of Oryx res chance increased to 50%.
  • Added Xaklor’s maps! (find them in the ‘additional features’ section)
  • Added Christmas reskins!
  • Credited Xaklor for his contributions.

That is by no means conclusive, there have been many other minor tweaks here and there. Another note; I purposefully did not reduce Oryx’s HP or general damage output. I didn’t have the heart :3

And here it is!

Thanks again for the support and suggestions! They are extremely helpful and much appreciated!
Also, check out Oryx’s Paracosm if you haven’t already - it’s basically a newer Beyond! C:

~ Puffagod <3


Well, looks like I can’t edit the original post. Happy scrolling, folks! C:


woooooo maps! I would offer to map the paracosm but I am actually doing so much right now it would probably either suck or get forgotten.

I’m not going to re-read the entire thing word-for-word again just to make sure you got it all because it looks like you got most (or all) of it.

I think for the most part, all other changes would have to be made from experience, (or from someone else willing to analyze that much information) so here’s hoping DECA gets wind of this!


I’d be more than willing to accept the offer should it ever come around! :wink:
It might come as a terrible confession that I slightly prefer the Paracosm to the Beyond…
… and the Catacombs of R’lyeh remains my (extremely close) favourite creation overall.

I’ll raise a glass to that! :beers:


I would not consider that a terrible confession at all, I am far more proud of the Nameless Void as a whole than I am of Spook who I drew in a single afternoon, (I still like him a lot though) yet their public reaction at this point is nearly equal. (and beginning to favor spook since the void is locked and he is not)

I remember that! I think I was just far less impressed overall since I understand nearly nothing about that particular mythos.


Love this idea too. How do you come up with these ideas, and how long did they (Beyond and Paracosm) each take to think of (as well as find and change out some words for their synonymous, less-seen-and-more-scholarly counterparts)?


I can’t answer that, I just ‘do’ - and there’s many more where they came from!

I usually make it up as I go along; it just needs to flow and then it’s all fine! C:
As for the whole creation process; the Paracosm took 2879 minutes + the time it took to create and edit the (over 270) original sprites - spread out over a couple of months. The Beyond is such an archaic idea that I can’t remember precisely how long it took to make or illustrate; it was probably less time than the Paracosm.

I study English, that comes naturally as well ;3

Overall, if I had any advice for dungeon creators, it would be to enjoy what you’re inventing. The minute you absorb yourself in the work and do it to please yourself rather than the crowds, then even a bad initial idea becomes a masterpiece.

I mean, it helps if you can sprite…
… and are willing to sacrifice a number of your finite hours upon this earth as well :wink:

I’m not convinced the author did either.


Woah. What work you put into a dungeon; so much detail, from the bosses, to balancing, to everything…wow. Sprites are really nice, and tbh, the Aether warlock is good enough to be its own skin. Great work dude!


Sick sprites dude. Only read the first couple of pages but I already know this is solid gold.


I love this. Good job. Deca NEEDS To see this.


loved the idea on the kabam forums, still love it now, although some of the rings seem to overpowered. Maybe reduce the dps stats on the eye ring so that crown still has a meaning, and maybe rework the shotgun thing as a rogue with t6 dagger and ubdex could spam the shotgun like crazy (but I still love the idea). Also great work on the sprites!


The correct updated link for the Beyond is on post number 161!

and that one already has those suggested rebalances :3
It is quite annoying that I can’t update the original post, but so it goes.

Many thanks for the continued support c:


sorry, didn’t see that. Now the dundeon is perfect!


My oh my this is one hell of an Idea. Needs balancing but a very cool idea.


umm im not sure if its intentional but in the description of the skull of effigy you have written ‘daemon’ instead of demon
and yes i am life less to read every fkin thing


Deca waiting for 4 months to apply this dungeon are you serious ? This dungeon is very good and balanced however Kabam administration was always listening the players, and Deca administration cant even apply the good dungeon for 4 months 200 comments that players wants it and its not enough?


deca might not look at the forums. the only way they will put it in is if someone sent a support ticket or something


Eye of oryx is very op if you had Eye of oryx why even wear ubatt or ubdex?


The Eye has been balanced.

Ooh, it was intentional, but ‘demon’ might be better to be honest ;3

All my dungeons are on the subreddit somewhere as well.


ok that’s nice because this is a great idea