The Big Amount of Players and a new Option


I Think some PCs (cough me too) cant handle the HUGE amount of players in one dungeon and starts frame lagging so i would suggest adding a new Option Called [Hide Players] to prevent this huge frame drop maybe just show thier buff so you know they are sitting there,

Lets hear your thoughts!


I feel like that will be fixed with optimization on unity. Playing like that sounds like it just makes the game feel really lonely.


a certain pserver can do that but it has options to show all, none, guild ,locked, or friends
its a good idea


Honestly… you come here for the loot. No time for friends.


Speak for yourself


Obligatory “But deca needs skin money” argument


Not me :stuck_out_tongue:
this is why i play mmo games
and have a guild
and use forums


I’m sorry, but when I saw the chance, I couldn’t help it.

In all seriousness (i feel like i’m always saying this because i constantly crack a lame joke at the beginning) , you’re not the only one who’s mentioned this. The idea of hiding players has been thrown around with for quite a long time (or at least, the time i’ve been using these forums).

Now before I go into the minor problems of this, I’m going to point out the obvious: THIS IS AN MMO GAME. AND NOT JUST ANY MMO GAME, BUT A GAME THAT REQUIRES A LOT OF COOPERATION. RotMG isn’t meant for solo, and it never was.

Now we get to the other problems:


Unless you play a class that can support itself, like a Priest, Necro, or Pally, you’re likely to die. True, lag could also kill you. However, imagine running through a Lost Hall. Sure, you’ll feel tempted to use the Hide Players feature. BUT YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THE PRIEST IS!

The enemies then slap you with shotgun and guess what? YOU STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE THE PRIEST IS! You’re about to die now, and guess what? YOU STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE THE PRIEST IS! Now you gotta Nexus and cry over the lost loot.


Let’s say you’re in a LH again. The players move in a nice organized stream into a room, but you can’t see where they’re going.

Player 1: “Hey, guys? Bob is going the wrong way.”

Player 2: “Oh, he has that Hide Players feature on.”

Wrong Way Bob: dies

Player 1: “Ah, whelp. Keep moving, guys.”


Player 1: “Yo, can we get a Priest here?”

Wrong Way Bob: “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Player 1: “Uh…you’re going the wrong way.”

Wrong Way Bob: “I can’t see you!”

Player 1: dies without priest support


Let’s keep this short: accidentally drags on a group of players


I get your point, but this would mainly happen in shatts disc or something because guild shatters are mainly small and the shatts that drops from the avatar is complete chaos so nobody goes. imo i think that rotmg was made for this to happen.

So although I get your point, I don’t really think that this would really hurt rotmg.

And are shatts/lh discord helping rotmg?



I get cooperation, but cmon
does anyone ever cooperate in a realm shatts

so only do guild guild shatts >.<


You could always turn it off… lmao just have it there as an option would be nice.
like in nests, not very deadly


Lol I basically contradict myself because I use the forums and have old friends that still play.


Nah. In the back of our minds we are all here for the friends ^^

wow that got dark pretty fast


I feel that, by now, the huge amount of lag in dungeons crowded with players is pretty much standard and expected for nearly everyone. I would argue it’s one of the more challenging aspects of running dungeons like that.

I would also say it’s not really that urgent of an issue, especially considering the lag is basically seeked by the player through attempts to cheese dungeons in black blobs of 100 players at once.

I mean, at least we can toggle player shots (:


Not to mention deca wants to get away from the 80+ player dungeons


Not true. Although support classes may be more valued in Discord-held dungeons since the organization is arguably way better, they are widely valued even in public. Not only in Shatters and Lost Halls, but in all high-tier dungeons, including LOD, Shaitan, and the Nest (although the Nest was made easier).

During my times playing with the Necromancer, you have no idea HOW many players cower in the dungeon room corners, begging for a heal. Don’t get me started on the Heroic Dungeons.

You’re not giving Public Shatters enough credit here. The reason it is often chaos is that so many players go, and players go there because no matter how many drags are pulled, the potential loot is worth it.

Correct. However, the Lost Halls and Shatters are where this option will be used most, going back to my previous post.


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