The Casanovas [EUW2]


The Casanovas (main server EUW2 off server USWest)
Are you tired of playing alone? We have just the news for you. The Casanovas is a new guild that is recruiting, founded by Dandmanlol and myself GigaWhite we have both been playing for around 4-6+ years, however we never really got too involved with guild activities and mainly played in small guilds comprised of friends from school. Looking back we have realised how fun that was and are now looking to recreate that experience, we are looking for like minded people to join us and work to max characters, run dungeons and have a great time!

-Requirements: .

  • 2k alive fame, 2 6/8 chars
  • Skills: can run Tombs & Shatters, etc.
  • No cheaters
  • Time zone UTC +1 BST British Summer Time
  • Contributions necessary, Be active, opening dungeons is not essential but appreciated
  • Language is English only

-How to apply:
Message Leader/Founder (GigaWhite/ Dandmanlol) in-game or via RealmEye messages
Dan is also actively streaming on twitch ( where you can use his chat to apply for guild also.


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