The Case For More Early Game UTs


I think the game does notdo a great job with intuitive gear progression; which has to do with sprites which I will try to address in the future, but thankfully we have tiered tags. There are also untiered items found within the game that are sidegrades or completely different items. UTs help add variety, game progression, and desirability to a player and vary in rarity.

Currently there are a ton of white bags (which are all UTs) in the game: 228 including vanities and reskins. Most of these drops are excellent swap-out items in certain situations or even best in slot.

There are only 78 cyan bag UTs; 33 of which are exclusive UTs (that aren’t reskins of tiered items). Almost all of these items are weak items (in terms of items found later) with a few being usable as swapouts. Most items also have a “better”; counterpart that can be found in the late game.
Interestingly there are only 9 “early game” UTs, 4 of which were added at the first reconstruction.

As of now there are drops for the following classes:


I believe there should be at least one early game UT available for all classes.

TLDR: Here are my proposed ideas for early game UTs that I think would work in game.

Lepidoptera Swarm Spell

Projectile sprites:

“A spell created by a wizard studying the location of the wooden labyrinth.”

Tier UT Spell
MP Cost 35
Shots 20 (arc gap: 18°)
Damage 1–70 (average: 45)
Total Damage 20-1400 (average: 710)
Projectile Speed 2 tile(s)/second
Lifetime 3 second(s)
Range 1.2 tiles
On Equip +20 Mana
Feed Power 70

Drop location: Mama Megamoth (Cyan Bag)

Originally nothing dropped from Forest Maze so I thought this would be a great item for it. Since new players usually start as a wizard it will be good to incorporate the first UT ability you can get for your class. There also is no early-game or even really a mid-game UT spell.
Sort of a mix between Recurring Terror and Spelling Spell.

Ader Venom

Throwing projectile:

“A small, weak poison from a coil snake.”

Tier UT Poison
MP Cost 30
Throw Time 0.4 second(s)
Impact Damage 150
Damage Over Time 50
Duration 1 second(s)
Explosion Radius 3 tiles
Feed Power 75

Drop Location: Great Coil Snake (Cyan Bag)

Low cost, low damage poison with half the flight time of normal poisons. Focuses on landing the poison to do the damage; delayed spell bomb essentially.

Piercing Talon Trap

Throwing projectile:

“A trap made from the talons of a white dragon.”

Tier UT Trap
MP Cost 80
Effect(s) On Enemies: Inflicts Grey Down Arrow Exposed for 3 seconds
Throw Time 1 second(s)
Damage 150
Duration 18 second(s)
Trigger Radius 3 tiles
On Equip +1 ATT, +2 DEX
XP Bonus 1%
Feed Power 155

Drop location: Adult White Dragon (Cyan Bag)

Expose is a very good idea that should be available to more classes because samurais are rarely played as much. Shorter trap duration than most traps. Tiny bit of offensive stats. Could also be held on as a good swapout.

Vanishing Shawl

“A cloak which threads seem to make you disappear when moving quickly.”

Tier UT Cloak
MP Cost 75
Effect(s) on Self Invisible for 2 seconds and Green Up Arrow Speedy for 1 second
Effect(s) on Enemy Inflicts Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2 seconds
Radius 3 tiles
Cooldown 4 second(s)
On Equip +2 DEX, +2 SPD
XP Bonus 1%
Feed Power 180

Drop location: Great Lizard (Cyan Bag)

Originally wanted to make a “smokescreen” cloak but couldn’t come up with a sprite good enough other than a bomb. Would allow the player to escape sticky situations; slowing enemies in a small radius and giving you a quick speedy and invisibility. Cooldown is two seconds instead of one second after ability time.

Original idea sprite:

Tome of Perished Testament

“An old tome found in the remains of a lost tribe. Reading the text out loud will put the user in a trancelike state.”

Tier UT Tome
MP Cost 55 MP/second
While Key Held Inflicts Red Down Arrow Slowed and Red Cross Healing on self
Party Heal Heal Amount: 50 (125 @ 75 WIS) per second
Range 4.5 tiles (7 tiles @ 75 WIS)
On Equip +3 DEF
XP Bonus 2%
Feed Power 235

Drop location: Kage Kami (Cyan Bag)

An idea as a hold to use healing item, essentially making you a walking mushroom from the mushroom tome. Does not grant healing to others. Slowed on self to prevent using this to rush with groups.

Cortege Sitar

“An instrument used by bards to play cavorting music.”

Tier UT Lute
MP Cost 80
Effect(s) Inspired Icon Inspired on self for 5 seconds
Party Effect (AoE around cursor) Within 3.5 squares Inspired Icon Inspired and DEF^ DEF boost (+5 DEF) for 5 seconds
Range Multiplier x1.25
On Equip +2 WIS
XP Bonus 2%
Feed Power 200

Drop location: Ent Ancient (Cyan Bag)

This will help newer players when playing with friends. If they are too afraid to get close in a fight they can still support players with their buff. Users don’t get DEF boost unless they hover over themselves. Contrarily this could also be used to troll colo sword users by targeting them.

Caerbannog Creature Chalice


“A ceremonial item found inside a deadly beasts lair .”

Tier UT Mace
MP Cost 55
Summons A furious rabbit that charges toward the enemy (cannot control summons)
Effect(s) Passes cover Shots hit multiple targets Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Shots 2
Damage 45–135 (average: 90)
Lifetime 8.8 second(s)
Range 10 tiles
XP Bonus 3%
Feed Power 333

Drop Location: Golden Oryx Effigy (Cyan Bag)

Somewhat similar to the hivemind mace but does not orbit around you instead runs up to the enemy to do a couple of hits and runs away. If multiple enemies rabbit will run around to each attacking, if one enemy will rubber band.

Reference to Monty Python. Sprite sorta similar to Golden Chalice

Trickster UT
Trickster is probably the hardest one to think of an item for.
The tiered ones are already quite OP so coming up with a UT item that isn’t broken is difficult. The best idea I could think of is one that uses a tiny amount of MP but has no decoy and a short cooldown.

This post has a decent idea for one: (New Prism) Sea Crystal

With this all classes have a decent early game UT. Of course some should be tweaked with testing and drop locations could changed as well.

Additional UT armors

Faded Cuirass

“The plate armor worn by a once famous hero that disappeared during a grueling battle against Oryx. It’s very worn down but still retains some of its original power.”

Tier UT Heavy Armor
On Equip +1 ATT, +16 DEF, +1 DEX, +20 HP
XP Bonus 1%
Feed Power 185

Drop location: Archdemon Malphas, Abyss Idol (Cyan Bag)

Robes have 3 early-game UTs, 3 mid game UTs, and a variety of endgame and ST robes. Leather armor has 2 early game UTs, 4 mid game, and also a large pool of endgame with STs that can be found throughout the game. Heavy armor has no early game UTs, 1 mid game, 1 early ST, and all the “viable” ones are found in harder/endgame dungeons.
I think the introduction of an armor that is on the same level as a snakeskin or chasuble is nice for new players and a progression armor for UPEs.
Currently there are no heavy armors that give +16 DEF or +20 HP armors. If HP is equivalent 5:1 DEF then this is comparable to a dragonscale but also gives a tiny amount of offensive stats. It’s nothing crazy or special but different and can stand out in it’s own place.
Abyss of demons drop due to it really not having any UTs other than dblade.

Nightmare Skin Armor

“This skin seems to move on it’s own, are you sure you want to wear this?”

Tier UT Leather Armor
On Equip +12 DEF, +4 DEX, +4 SPD, -10 VIT
Reactive Proc Shots above 25 damage casts Parasite Pull
Parasite Pull Parasite Pull: Heals 20 per enemy within range
Range 5 tiles
Cooldown 0.9 seconds
XP Bonus 2%
Feed Power 360

Drop location: Scout Colony, Walking Horror (Cyan Bag)

An armor that sacrifices a fair amount of VIT and has lower DEF but allows the wearer to have a decent amount of offensive stats and a reactive ability that can heal +100HP instantly if there are 5 enemies within the range, after taking damage. Would function like a scepter ability but not dealing damage. Will increase your in-combat time. Just an armor that gives variability and fits the dungeons theme.

Please feel free to share your opinions.

(New Spell) Arcane Fire Spell

These are awesome! I’ll always take more planeswalker forge fodder and I love giving drops to more of the unique enemies in realm :grin:. Most of these are still really unique, too!

Trap : expose might be a little short for a newer player to figure out what it does- especially since you’ll be unlocking huntress before Samurai, but still definitely good to give other classes an inferior expose :smiley:… (expose was increased :smiley: )

Cloak : very glad you changed the sprite. So cute haha. And a very nice newbie get-out-of-jail-free card.

Tome : more on hold effects. Yes! So it would be the 15heal/sec from healing + additional 50 hp/sec? I think you could tone down the cost/sec and heal/sec just to make it more accessible to people who don’t have maxed mana :grin:. And I assume this would turn off your pet? Otherwise I think this is better healing than ftome (120/sec) that could be held for quite a while w/a maxed pet.

Lute glad you see the trolling potential :joy:

Cuirass : honestly, I think it could be a drop from the white demons within the dungeon. Give them something unique. Also would be more likely to be seen by newer players since they are more likely to clear and kill those additional white demons on the way :grin:.

Nightmare skin : proc needs a cooldown! (was added)


Lol I really should proof read better. I usually am copying these over from a google doc. I spotted I missed out giving the cloak the speedy after posting but missed out on some other things I guess too. The trap would give 3 seconds of expose and the nightmare skin has a 0.9 second cooldown (just so it would still be used in combat). Thank you for pointing those out.

Do you think it should be a hardcap heal? I tried to keep the WISmod on it. Maybe something like 25mp/sec with 100hp heal? Or maybe just make it inflict pet stasis too lol.


I think wismod is good, and looking at other tomes, I think merely adding a hard pet stasis (or whatever they do for cshield and a couple of the ninja stars) and adjusting max heal would be good. Maybe just drop the @75 heal to something like 100? It would just be weird if it straight up could heal better than mushroom tome (which doesn’t give healing to self or others and does 120/sec).
Ideally lowered mp/sec, but even holding for 1s as is only a slightly lesser net heal (50+1s healing= 65 vs 40+2s= 70) for lower cost than t0 so maybe I was wrong.


I appreciate the mention ^-^ Most of what I wanted to bring up has been said by Kingsports so I’ll just give a mention to the others:

Lepidoptera Swarm Spell: Playing with the damage range is interesting, could make it so players would be more inclined to hit all of their shots to hit a good average damage so I like it!

Ader Venom: I really like this idea as it could be a sort of middle ground for players to get used to throwing poisons more accurately.

Chalice: I love the sprite, Although I don’t know how to feel about the summons being uncontrollable as it would be difficult to position so as not to reset the creature’s distance.

That’s about it for now!


I love the ideas, but I have to ask: have you posted the spell and parasite armor before? It would have been a little while ago, but they both look really familiar. :thinking:


Yes, a few of these were in my first post Early/Mid-Game UTs 1
I’ve just done some tweaking to some of them.

I really just want feedback and visibility to this issue mainly. Seeing how DECA took mine and other peoples advice for balancing items I have hope maybe they will add items in the early game. Hopefully if something like this happens the game will become more comprehensive and easier for newer players.


That’s kind of the idea. It’s unlike the tiered or other UTs. Just adding variability for class, might be something some players want, might not. I think a big issue when people suggest items they fall into a very niche build/situation or are made to be the best in slot. I try to make the items either somewhere in-between or a precursor to a better item overall.
For example in the game there is items like bone dagger and in the later game queen’s stinger or cracked and sealed skull, things like that.


Sprites need work, but that’s only second to the idea. Will any of these have forge mats or will they be like, non sacrificial?

The spell looks to be an extremely inconsistent piece of work, dealing 20 damage if you are very unlucky, and if landing full damage on all shots, is only slightly better than a T1 spell. Yes, I know that the machine is not beginner friendly or a common sight, but the Spelling spell that drops there is miles better. Or even a T2 spell would be miles better. The point is, wizards do not need an early game UT spell, because even an easily acquirable Dsphere can easily land even an unmaxed wizard SB. So what do you do with this? Buff it. Instead of being an early game spell that is easily beaten by a T2-3 spell, it should be a spell that lands itself as a strong and viable swapout for mnova. As to drop location, I think that mwoods would be a decent enough place for it to drop. As to drop location, it would make sense for you to make it one of the big faries, but since nobody clears mwoods, the boss is probably a more reasonable drop source.

The poison is a good idea, especially since none of the UT poisons right now are easily obtainable. However, this poison is extremely underpowered, dealing even less damage than the T0 poison, and for just a faster throw time (and more MP cost). It’s not like tiered poisons have an extremely long throw time either, it’s still under one second. However, I cannot think of a better place for a poison to drop than a giant rattlesnake, so to balance this out, extra stats should be added on this poison when worn, so that players are incentivized to actually wear this poison instead of it just being a swapout.

Unlike many items (the cloak that makes a decoy), this idea actually makes sense. This trap would definitely be a viable pick, even for end game content thanks to expose being a good debuff. There’s nothing wrong with this trap, although for an enemy that nobody really fights, the trap’s stats are kind of underwhelming. There should be a slight buff, but it exists for the expose, not the stats.

This cloak is not that good. For 75 mp cost, you are invisible for less time than a t0, all for a 2 second slowed and a 1 second speedy. A t4 cloak with snake eye ring would basically do what this cloak does, but better.

This tome is kind of OP, and because it’s OP, I like it. On a more reasonable note, priest definitely is still a team player even after the nerf to tomes. This tome is very selfish, and would not fall in line with what the priest does. Imagine if every new player used this on a priest, nobody would heal the party.

I don’t play bard or summoner enough to comment.

UT trickster prism. Hell yeah. I love trickster. She is hot, and any new prism is a welcome addition in my books. And that prism looks downright busted, I tell you.

Faded curiass provides very negligible att and dex buffs. I know that it’s a cyan bag, but at least do +3 on each. Or even +5, and nerf the def.

The leather armor effectively makes it so that priests are useless. It’s kind of OP, because every single leather class is capable of doing shots above 25, at a very low level. I like this armor a lot actually, because I can’t dodge.


Thanks for doing the most and giving literally the worst takes ever, you can go back to being toxic and parsing players on your 4/4 character now, or whatever you do for “fun”. :wave::joy:


I actually think that my takes are quite decent. You can have your own opinions on it if you want – I don’t really give a shit; Deca wont ever add these items anyways. I don’t recall ever interacting with you, so if this really is the first impression you would like me to have of you, then that’s fine with me.


Nah, bro. BaconSM gave constructive criticism. You apparently can’t take that and act asinine lol. Good job.


To be fair, he did give some good points about how some of them are worse than the T0 abilities. Though, I’m not sure that Bacon really looked at it through the right lens.


I literally thought his post was a bait or troll, even if it is I’ll bite.

Not a sprite artist, sorry maybe made it harder for you to understand intuitively.
Nothing here would be past silver forge like all the other early game UTs.

This idea was thought of before the Forest Maze rework (see previous posts).The concept was to introduce UTs and show that they’re different and not neccisarily upgrades. The parametric shots are easier to land a perfect spell bomb so it’s friendlier for newer players. The inconsistency is the point of the item and damage is low because you’re shooting butterflies, what do you expect? Buffing this item just would make it a better spelling spell with a different shot pattern. I don’t think you should be getting an item that easily beats out higher tier items from the second dungeon in the game.

I do like your idea that a UT spell could drop from the big fairies in magic woods. But it would have to be a completely different idea or new mechanic.

The total damage of a T0 is 120? Not only that but the impact damage of this is more than a T4. The point is to just get fast damage off quickly. The poison effect is one tic for a measly amount of damage.

So let’s consider the DPS of poisons

Maxed mana on an assassin is 252, excluding mana heal the damage goes as follows:

Poison MP cost Total uses (Total MP/MP Cost) True Damage ([Impact dmg + Total poison dmg] x total ability uses)
T0 25 10 (10.08 actual) 1200
T1 40 6 (6.3 actual) 1500
T2 55 4 (4.58 actual) 1520
T3 70 3 (3.6 actual) 1530
T4 80 3 (3.15 actual) 1920
My UT 30 8 (8.4 actual) 1600

(assuming all poisons land and durations go off)

Utterly untrue that you believe it’s weaker than a T0 poison. Not only that you are getting the damage off in a shorter amount of time. For the respective area this is found, it outclasses all the tiered items around it. By the time you’re in the godlands you can farm for higher tier poisons or go for the murky in sewers.

You really don’t understand what makes the assassin bad is it’s ability takes too long to get damage off and the DoT is very weak.

It’s purpose is for expose. The added DEX is mainly to help contribute for the DEX you get with most leather armors. The +1 ATT is because traps begin with +2 ATT at T3.

That’s essentially the point, to introduce combinations of effects. It of course has the shortest invisible in the game to prevent it being abused for rushing. Imagine a cloak with a higher slow aoe, invisible, and speedy; broken af. It’s found early before you can get into snake pits or higher tier cloaks, so if the speedy and invisible was a playstyle that you like it’s still possible but with 2 items instead of one.

This tome is not selfish, I don’t think you understand what the difference between healing and party heal is. The healing is there to make up for you getting damaged while being slower and possibly getting hit. The radius is equivalent to a T4 which is wide enough.

Having healing while being essentially a walking singular fungal tome is way too OP.

The idea is you use this while grouped up during some space spots and can continuously heal. Your slow and healing stop as soon as you stop using the item, or run out of mana, or get quiet/silenced.

Your worst case scenario of somehow new players collectively thought explicitly use a singular item doesn’t even make sense.

Not surprised.

It’s probably the only early game UT prism that can be done while using the current game’s mechanics. The cooldown it too short though in my opinion.

The item isn’t meant to be any stronger than it is. The item is meant to be as strong as a T9 just like snakeskin armor is with it’s equivalent. The defense difference from T8 to 9 is 5 DEF. As stated earlier (if you actually read) is that there is no +16 DEF heavy armor so that’s partially why it has it.

The idea was to allude that the armor was stronger before and provided better stats. It doesn’t need any higher DPS because it’s not meant to be a DPS armor, just provide alternative stats and increase HP a bit for survivability (which is better for newer players).

Read the item descriptions next time, idk.

To get a decent heal you need about 5 enemies around at least to heal from. If you’re low you’re not going to risk going in trying to get the proc off once to sap heal less than your weapons range. You won’t be able to use this in most endgame dungeons as not many bosses spawn hordes of enemies that you can run through and sap some hp back. It’s very situational for boss fights like Skuld or Forgotten King (which is most likely getting changed).

Overall your critiques were only valid if you look at the items in isolation. You didn’t consider the respective items around where they can be obtained. You didn’t consider the items designs. You don’t consider the progression of a character.

Most new players just run around the realm just exploring and killing creatures. It usually takes them days or weeks to even max a stat. I wanted to incorporate UTs outside of dungeons that could be useful or interesting for people who are first experiencing the game.

If you have been playing for a while you understand where to go and what to do already.

Most of these items won’t be of use to you as 90% of cyan drops are and that’s okay cause they’re not whitebags. If I wanted to make OP white bags that could easily be done.

I really don’t care if any of these make it in or not. I was just bored and was sharing ideas that would help an area where the game is lacking. I think many others who saw and posted here understood this.

All-in-all you just skimmed over my post and talked out of your ass.

Looks like you also dropped this: :clown_face:


Seems like you are taking the criticism a little too much too heart. Though they might not be the most extensive takes sometimes you gotta work with the feedback you get, right? Maybe try and look at it from their point of view. Not saying I agree with all BaconSM said but you were a little bit harsh. He/she was trying to give you some feedback but you just got mad and called them a clown.


Not at all, I just don’t think coming into a post and speaking in absolutes about something you don’t understand yourself is kinda dumb. All I did was correct them and even compliment what part of their critique I liked. Yeah maybe I could’ve been nicer about it but maybe they wouldn’t learn their lesson and go acting up somewhere else.


You know, I was once an aspiring item creator for rotmg once upon a time. And I too, like you, would mald over very valid, constructive criticisms.

I don’t think you take criticism very well, which is not very good in today’s atmosphere. Even if I was wrong about some of the things I said, there was no need to call me a clown or whatever the fuck you said. If anything, the one speaking out of their ass is you, not me. The one acting up was, again, you. You said that I talked out of my ass even though I didn’t, so to prevent you from lying, and in turn, sinning, I shall proceed to talk out of my ass.

The spell is fucking dogshit lmao who the fuck would use this Walmart spelling spell? Just go fucking hit a medusa and get a t4 spell. or even better hit limon and get a t5 spell. Shit does 1 damage because it shoots butterflies LMAO then explain LEAF BOW PLEASE.

Ok I did an oopsie daisy and typed t0 instead of t1. Poisons still bad LOL just leech a sew and get a murky toxin. Or just go to lava chests and steal a t2 poison, it’s straight up better LLLLL

MATE are you even THINKING about this? Samurai is already “RARELY PLAYED” -pomfers so making an expose trap would just make people not play samurai even more. Huge bruh moment???

Bad cloak. Just play trickster and wear snake eye ring, lol. Rogue is literally a discount trickster, and this cloak is also a discount T0 prism, and I’m not talking about like 5% off, I’m talking about the store clerk literally paying you to buy shit % off.

Priests are supposed to be TEAM PLAYERS, not douchebag warriors who use colo. Even the moral support tome is a better team play tome. Like mate, why would a priest even need any tome dedicated to healing themselves LOL just press spacebar and you heal yourself AND people around you Like Bruh, even the t0 tome would be better smh

Anyways, that is all I have for today. Overall bad items and also you’re making raid discords have more work by making them put more items on their banned UT infographic SMH MY HEAD, pomfers. Have you thought about THEIR FEELINGS??? Yikes man how can u be so insensitive? You makin me cry out here.




And because of that, I can easily take advantage of my Samu as the top 300 at the moment.


I really just got rickrolled… damn.