The Clock Tower


Heyy, long time no see :slight_smile:

You may have wondered what I’ve been doing this entire time, I have alluded to this here or there but haven’t really given many details. Well worry no more! The Clock Tower is complete!

This 95-page monstrosity (235 if you include the surprise at the end) has taken around 6 months to complete, between my other interests, obligations, and creative blocks. It’s definitely quite the read, even though there’s always going to be those couple guys who just look at all the drops. Enjoy!

The Clock Tower


edit: what’s this? Xaklor made a reddit post? something’s not right.

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Oryx paracosm is 99 pages. Git gud xak


235! ;-;


Nah, you cheated.

Also the loot part is incomplete it only shows the rings, shurukàn, spell, orb and sceptre


you’re telling me this isn’t anywhere in there at all:

I’ll even make it bright pink just to get your attention


You can make it bright red, it’s not there. Thing say 91 pages


there are 91 pages >_>
the lore scrolls add 4 more pages. I’m thinking you’re just not looking.


U telling me I have to click on links?



man, I give up on you.

I’m de-pinking the quiver so it doesn’t mess with other people


Nah that loots not there, at least not on my phone


Anyone think of the clock tower from Clash of Clans?


I like the massive amount of effort put in this


Wait they are there but no sprites


I’m guessing your phone’s just slow at loading this then :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the idea, the Junk Armor is super creative.

Couple criticisms, I think that the drop rates for pots and items should be buffed. I can’t see a group of fewer than 5 people doing this dungeon, and for the time invested, I think that almost all of them should get guaranteed loot. Maybe increase the pot drops to guaranteed 45% of the group that is in the boss fight, and 10% chance for a drop if you aren’t in the 45%.

Another note, the sprite for the Temporal Monstrosities, I wouldn’t outline them in black like that, it doesn’t look good or blend well in the game. I would recommend using an ombre technique and darkening the outside edges instead of making them straight black.

The cloak heals a bit too much for me, I would recommend lowering the heal to 95 and maybe adding a short healing effect just to spread it out a bit more.

Another note, I don’t like the idea of an instakill projectile. If somebody goes into the dungeon not knowing that they’ll be killed immediately, it’s kinda unfair. Maybe you could have the 2k damage projectiles automatically nexus the people who get hit by them instead of killing them?

Very creative bringing in two mystery characters in the end to finish off the impossible boss fight. I’ve never thought of anything even close to that.

Also creative to animate the floor like you did. Love it.

Again, creative to have the sprites and descriptions of the scepter and the orb to change when equipped with the Ichor Lord and Spook skin.

Overall, I’d have to give this dungeon a 9/10

Very very ingenious design but needs a bit of tweaking in my opinion to be 10/10.


LOVE the sprite for the cloak and quiver. Pretty hard to get creative with those items and you managed to do it well. +5 rep


thank you for your review, but I’ve got a couple things to say in my defense:

that’s actually way hard to do without making the dungeon way too good for loot. but just to give you a bit of perspective there are ~20 guaranteed pots in total, plus additional chances to get more pots from some of the normal enemies, and the minibosses and bosses all drop tops as well.

that’s intentional, they’re supposed to look unnatural and menacing as they are beings of unknown origin and incredible strength. but if you still don’t get it, look at this this way: the black pixels are all hardened spiked areas

maybe, but that’s only a situation that could arise if deca actually wanted to put it in the game. if that happened, there would be a lot of people looking at this doc beforehand to see what’s coming, just as what happened to the Lost Halls. information in-game spreads very quickly, and if you somehow manage to both not get stasised and not nexus, everyone’s probably going to be screaming at you to nexus or something.


This. This dungeon is truly a work of art, very endgame stuff and love the idea behind it. Great Job


Not a huge fan of the sprites, but the amount of effort put into the document itself really shines. Very well done! The community needs more people like you who are willing to put in the time and effort to make stuff like this. And you even made xml for it?! :astonished:


that I did, there’s 5000+ lines of stuff in there.
unfortunately I can only copy what’s available on, which only seems to have the assets for the game and none of the actual game-running code. another big thing that’s missing is the behavior code, but I made what I can so there you go.


Obviously, as I was a contributor to this idea, I’ll be biased, but I’ll still give my opinion on it.

Where to start… well, obviously, I really like this. As much as I love the mechanics and like the sprites, I absolutely adore the lore of this dungeon. The idea of going between different points in time to stop a foe that’s already been defeated by the player… that’s absolutely crazy! The lorescrolls are things I’d like to see throughout all of RotMG, not just this dungeon.

Now, to the mechanics. They’re all phenomenal. The use of Stasis on players and the multiple floors is really creative and works very well!

Next, the sprites. I really like them, but not as much as the mechanics or lore. The Argentum enemies and the Chronomancer/Shade King are really nice-looking.

Finally, the true best part of the dungeon: the name of the Scroll of the Scourge. It’s a work of true genius!

Seriously though, great job. There aren’t many dungeons I’d say are better than my Obsidian Summit (and my ego is incredibly massive, as you know), but I’d say that this one is.

Overall, very nice job. I really don’t have any complaints, and this goes far above and beyond expectations. 10/10. You don’t see dungeons of this caliber very often.

The Stone Caves of Nores 2: a Dungeon by Xaklor