The Clock Tower


I took another peek at them and tried to see it through your eyes, I still somehow fail. I haven’t maxed eyesight yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that dungeons of this caliber should be made with the intention of them getting In-Game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Deca noticed your hard work.

Again, I still think that even if there was one death caused by those 2k shots, it would be completely unfair.

Sue me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Again, can’t say enough good things about this dungeon. So I’ll say some nit picky shitty things. Love ya work Xak <3


cogsworth is behemoth confirmed


Speechless. Really there’s nothing to complain about, I loved the item sprites and the lore as well as the enemy sprites and all the mechanics on them, amazing job well done Xaklor :3 <3
You’re the first one to recieve my highest “coin” +infinite Dawg :v

Goodbye giveaway ;w; [Closed]

I actually thought of the clock tower but from castlevania :d


Since i’ve only been a dick to you on this thread thus far.

Fantastic job Xak <3


This is a fantastic looking dungeon, I would love to play it sometime. One question though, why don’t the skins also drop from the final boss?


Because information on Spook and the Ichor Lord is held within the Library, which is then transferred to the Librarian. this also explains why the other things drop from the Librarian as well. the Shade King on the other hand, has no other ties to them aside from being killed by them.


Have I been lost to time or something, have you all forgotten about me? Or are you just not being specific?


I think this has something to do with that:


It’s called going incognito, my friend.

I was gonna have a big surprise where I released my 5th dungeon idea, but I suck at making sprites, literally everything else is done in the idea. But eventually I just got tired of being sneaky, so, I guess I’m back now? Yay?


well then, welcome to the forums strange person I may or may not have seen before!

it’s dangerous to go alone, take this: :cookie:


This deserves immense praise, fantastic dungeon concept. Truly incredible, props on props to you good sir.


So… whens this getting moved to #ideas:best???

Incredible, only word to describe this


I guess this dungeon is pretty good…

I like the fact that it tells a massive story and everything makes sense at the end. And I like the idea of having little “stories” on scrolls that you can stash in your vault or wherever and read whenever you want to. That’s very creative.

Spook and the Ichor Lord now have their own backstories. You have certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of them.

Overall not too much to complain about here. I guess some of the Argentum drones look a little repeated aesthetically, but that isn’t too bad. My only other issue is that there may be too much content here, but this is all in good fun, and it’s all reasonably high quality.

This project has my approval. Good work Xaklor.




Wow two dungeon ideas happen to share a very generic name, how coincidental.


yes, let’s completely ignore the fact that I commented on that very thread, and even commented first:

very much logic, large brains we has no?



ahh finally about time you released it!

Ive heard of this for… as long as ive known you almost(probably longer?)

but yeah good job, i can tell the quality of it by my amazing reading speed of 5sec/page.

Probably will never read it, but will bookmark for when i do decide to!

makes me sweat about my descriptions that im making for my dungeon :sweat:


lol someone posted that same thing on the reddit: