The Clock Tower


no I’m not, that’s deliberate. Behemoth speaks in incomplete sentences and broken up thoughts.

you got this one, so I fixed it

once could also argue that if the Lesser Shade doesn’t have enough power to maintain a definite form then it doesn’t have enough power to be dangerous, but that won’t change it from what it is.

now if you have anything useful to say, then please do so. but poking holes in my writing itself accomplishes nothing. surprisingly enough, I think the useful comment/sheer praise ratio is actually higher on the reddit. if you really want to be constructive I’m looking for stuff like this:


Yeah uh, I’d like to see you write 80+ pages ( I’m assuming the images cover up a lot of pages total in the idea. ) without any grammatical errors, I’ve read over my entire 5th dungeon idea ( Which is 35 pages long without any images ) about 4 times, and i’m still finding some errors I’ve made, whether I put the wrong word in, or a simple spelling mistake, I keep finding them.


Dude it’s not even the lesser shade that I’m talking about. You don’t even remember what you typed?[quote=“Xaklor, post:42, topic:11446”]
but poking holes in my writing itself accomplishes nothing.

Yea so is you calling me an idiot after you copied the name of someone else’s dungeon.

I don’t want to be constructive. I just come here pointing out that you copied the name of someone else’s dungeon that he posted on the forums. I couldn’t care less about your “80+ pages”.

What would I be writing about which would require that many pages?

I can do that.

Looks like it’s an incomplete idea if you don’t have all any sprites.
If it was me that made the grammatical errors the whole forum would start complaining.


Maybe that’s why I’m still working on it?

Also " All any sprites ", What?


Come on! He spent almost a year working on this with several other people.

At least congraduate him on writing 95 pages. That incomplete idea has like 2 pages, even if he did copy, which im 98% sure he didnt, then he still spent 93 pages writing, balancing, developing and making his idea.

He is also a very respected idea maker, currently his 3rd dungeon.

do you think you can do something of this quality? if you do. then i want to see it within a year.

Who the fuck cares about a name, my dungeon currently is called the “ruins of the lost”, you could say i copied lost halls since they both have the word “lost” in it. but these two share almost no similarities.

And there are plenty of times you happen to run into similar works. Like for example a scepter that hits 1 enemy, ive seen like 5 of that, but they probably didnt copy each other. they are all just that awesome.

###Your basically shitting on his whole last 10 month of hard work.


Then fuck off.


this is not up for debate, if you want proof this came first here it is:

this is the edit history of the document used to hold the information on the Clock Tower before it was organized:

notice that, even though the name was changed to “The Clock Tower Stuff” on June 20th, the original name of that document was “The Clock Tower”, and was both created and named that way on November 29th, 2016.

if you wish to continue in your fool’s crusade, things will end poorly for you from here on out.


I would do this whole dungeon just for the spook sorc skin.

Once again, amazing job with this dungeon!

The one thing I was hoping there would be more of was some clockwork creatures, as I really tend to like those, but it was a fantastic job nonetheless.

I really hope this gets added to the game.


I originally wanted to have many more clockwork machine enemies, but quickly found out that I’m not that good at sprites. I like the ones I did do though, I think they fit nicely. :slight_smile:


They do fit very, very nicely, which is exactly why I wanted to see more of it XD

Also, ignore StarliAS he’s a StarilASS


ok now thinking about it in depth i know what you need! some kind of index/glossary thing to tell us the very basic thing first, then saying like boss # 3 is ___, which people can then go press. Like the side things has a bunch of big words that i have no idea what they actually are. And after skipping the lore you instantly go into a boss?

maybe its just me.


you mean like this?:

google docs has outlines built-in. if it’s not there by default you can enable it by going to Tools > Document Outline.



Well if he’s being a total dick about AND copying the exact name of a dungeon someone made.


The name of a dungeon means just as much to the idea as the item drop locations, it does so little to the idea that it’s practically means nothing, and there’s a lot of members in the community making dungeons, 2 people making a dungeon with the exact same name was bound to happen at one point, but if they function completely different compared to one another, and are in no way similar to each other aside from the names of the dungeons, who really cares?

Now, if he was copying an idea from another dungeon without giving credit, or without permission, that’s an entirely different story, but the name means so little that i’m surprised you’re having this much of a hissy fit over it.


Aside from Xaklor’s grammar, this is the ONLY thing you’ve been complaining about.

I’d approve if we could get back on the topic of the dungeon, but i’m working on my own as we speak, or I suppose read in this case.


let’s get @ChaoticUts opinion, yes?[quote=“StarliAS, post:57, topic:11446”]
That was all I was gonna do until xaklor started spewing shit out of his ass like he always does

you mean litterally this one line he said?

If I worked this hard on a dungeon than had someone post some pointless bull shit like that you best believe it would be a lot worse


Yup[quote=“Shatter, post:59, topic:11446”]
let’s get ChaoticUts opinion, yes?

Who the heck is that[quote=“Shatter, post:59, topic:11446”]
If I worked this hard on a dungeon than had someone post some pointless bull shit like that you best believe it would be a lot worse

oh rlly?


the person who made the other clock tower post… sigh


If it’s name was something unique, and these two ideas shared the exact same name, then yes it is copying.

But The Clocktower is so generic, it doesn’t even count. It’s like the FineBrothers who tried to trade mark the Reaction videos. You can’t do that, cause its a general thing.