The Clock Tower


You give the most confusing answers known to man.

I’m not even sure if that WAS an answer.


This is great.


Wow. There is nothing to not love about this dungeon. The tag team at the end, the change of sprites when a skin is equipped. Its all great.

The one thing I would like to see is how would the random text like from the Argentum guardians, would all the colors show up in game? That would be neat to see how it would come up, since this is truly an epic dungeon.

As a side note, dont take StarliAS’s criticism too harsh, he makes mistakes too:

Love the dungeon!


Ehm, I’m slightly confused on that bit about me at the end, StarliAS was the one who said that, not me.


I am sorry, I just changed it, I meant him.


hmph >:\

well, if you remove all that whitespace (whitespace, which I might add, was put in to avoid unsightly page breaks in the middle of tables and sprites and such) and condense the doc down to the bare minimum the result is still 83 pages. :stuck_out_tongue:

and the length of the doc isn’t nearly as important as what’s actually in it. if Puffagod wrote the paracosm speaking like a normal person, or if Toastrz wrote the Lost Halls doc without all that excess kabam form stuff, they would be shorter as well.

not saying that those don’t contribute to the overall experience, I just want you to be aware there more ways of length inflation aside from extra whitespace thrown in by a slightly ocd dude to move page breaks.


Wot in Desolation

So you’re saying you like everyone? Please give me a serious answer :wink:


No one is denying that this is a good dungeon. It’s just that you could have slimmed the length down a bit without ruining the idea. I agree that the white space isn’t as much as I said it was, but I feel like you added a lot more rooms to make the dungeon seem longer. No doubt this means that you have a lot of effort in this, but you didn’t need a lot of rooms.

[quote=“Xaklor, post:109, topic:11446”]
if Puffagod wrote the paracosm speaking like a normal person
[/quote]I don’t know, it made the Paracosm better. The white space and the confusing amount of rooms didn’t make this better.

[quote=“Xaklor, post:109, topic:11446”]
Toastrz wrote the Lost Halls doc without all that excess kabam form stuff
[/quote]I didn’t read the Lost Halls

[quote=“Xaklor, post:109, topic:11446”]
I just want you to be aware there more ways of length inflation aside from extra whitespace thrown in by a slightly ocd dude to move page breaks.
[/quote]Yeah, I’m not really saying this dungeon is bad because of the extra pages, just putting that out there.

[quote=“Xaklor, post:109, topic:11446”]
[/quote]I don’t know, the extra white space was what triggered my ocd in the first place


Inspiring design, great stuff


I also think limiting it to ‘whitespace’ is kind of missing the point. I’m not sure, maybe it would be less triggering if the minibosses weren’t so similar… not to mention two mechknights and temporal monstrosities. But do we really need to see page-big room layouts? Or every animation frame despite the fact there are gifs? And I don’t know about you, but I certainly reckon I know what all those tiered drops look like.

All in all, its no big deal, everything can be condensed if you try hard enough. I know this dungeon is competetive - but for me the length and substance don’t quite match up. That isn’t to steal the wind from your wings; its still a really great job and I look forward to further developments C:


hey just an update based on what’s been said so far and stuff:

  • fixed “Immune stasis” where every other immunity was capitalized xd
  • minor typo corrections
  • Sorak Lanthar’s instakill shot has been replaced with a high density barrage of weaker shots. you’ll still die if you try to tank it but at least it’s not instant. I went for the instakill approach at first to avoid the potential issue of high lag for that many bullets but I guess most people don’t like instakill :woman_shrugging:
  • Behemoth’s name has been changed to Silark. so now he’s Silark, the Cogwork Demon. I blame the Nest’s “Beehemoths”.
  • the Library (and by being connected to it, the Basement) is no longer accessible from the tower itself. instead, it’s a mini dungeon dropped by Craig the Intern along with the Puppet Master’s Encore and Lair of Shaitan. due to them being far more accessible than traversing the entire Clock Tower, their pot drops have been reduced and no longer drop greater mana/life. I thought of this approach before as well, but I didn’t think the extra overall completion time would be as big of an issue as it was with the community (or myself, for that matter.)


By Oryx’s beard, you even made the xml. I wonder how and how long it took you to do that. In any case, I should be asleep. Expect some kind of “first” dungeon “review” in 12 hours?


Nice QoL changes!

That’s a better mechanic, IMO. Nice!

Nice one.

I think that these drops are for the better. The Basement drops could be a bit better (maybe replace Greater Attack with Mana) but other than that, this is a good change. It was originally far too rewarding.

Nice update! I’m glad to see your continued support. I should probably follow that trend.


I read through this monstrosity and I’m not regretting it. I’d love to see this dungeon and i think its well designed!


FIrst up, the Lore. Oh, boy the lore. It’s got a pretty good implementation with the gameplay, and us being there was a nice twist on the past(time paradox notwithstanding). At first after “defeating” Silark, I thought wow, that’s going to be a hard fight, then a portal rises, and my mind went “wait, is this?”

Clock Tower past.

Now I see why you had that lore way before the main dungeon! And that’s where the band of heroes went! Nice.

One thing that I have a problem lore wise is the Librarian, which felt like a separate dungeon by its own, and it’s one of those boss only dungeons. I do like the Librarian’s beam and awkward silence and how that awkard silence turns into dread when someone has the key. Really Cool!

Junk Plate’s regen powers are very strong, and it opens up a nasty design block for later on, especially if they want to add a vit mod. May I suggest a simpler wis and vit buff, but with the added special effect of “Doubles regeneration from vitality” or something of that line?

The portal looks cool, but the key kinda isn’t representative of the dungeon’s theme… It looks like a crown. The crown.

Anyways, the spinning gear could become distracting later on, so I’d say making those turn much slower would be somewhat better? It also mimics clocks, because their cogs don’t turn that fast as far as I remember. I’m no Clock Mechanic.

Ruined Drones!
A super strong annoy-imp, a brute chaser, and a duplicator. I especially love the mechanics for the constructor, really makes it a high priority target.

The Shades!
A spawning stunner which turns to a warrior puppet, a long range stunner, a tentacle phaser, and a Kamikaze-paralyzer. A scary bunch, but nothing as spectacular as the previous section.

Temporal monstrosity 1
Miniboss number one, I imagine this’ll be what the Ice Adept would be if he was tankier.

Also, love that 2 minutes stasis of ohhh nooooooo. I just wonder if it could be accidental. How far are the explosions?

The Shade Guardians.
Basically, a chaser which turns into the Nest’s Killer Queen minigun phase during its final Phase. Sounds really hard.

Silark fight number 2!
Part 1; A Chase phase, a circling phase, and a para-shotgun phase. Scary stuff.

Part 2; Bust and Dash Silark. My major issue is the random spot part; If the players don’t know they are going to be sat upon, it tends to lead to unsatisfying/unfair deaths. Besides that, the fights seem pretty simple. Unless it’s the rings, you circle. If it’s the rings back-up.

Part 3; RIng a round the Junk Boss, with an extra of tentacles and reverse clip, a predicting missle and shotguns. Oh, and he spawns minions too.

It honestly sounds impossible, between the tentacles halting your movements, meaning that Silark dictates your movement, and the shotgun, which I believe is enough to rip the party ball’s closest surface to Silark. I would say keep the shotguns and tenacles fre from each other, but I’m not that well-versed in end game content, so I really want to hear what you’d say about it.

Now, the portal drops and my mind is blown. WHhhoaoaaaaaa. We get to fight the Chronomancer’s Apprentice! That’s where the band of heroes came from?

I’ll continue the response later! I need some rest after that essay…


*Silark xD


can we beat up silex? pls?


Dammit, well, it’s fixed now. Sorry silex :frowning:


Silex drops the blue paint confirmed.


kind of a big update: the addition of the Mechanical Demon Ninja ST set! the focal piece of the set is the Spinner Dynamo, previously the UT that dropped from Silark, the Cogwork Demon. Each piece of this set is treated the same as if it was a UT set, so alone they’re all definitely powerful. The tradeoff of this set is both obvious and subtle at the same time, obvious in that you give up the long-distance star ability and subtle in that making any kind of swapout is difficult or ineffective. it will become more clear once you read on:

Spinner Dynamo: (shuriken)
“The first piece to an eager assistant, the piece upon which all others are built.”
Stat Bonuses: +6 ATK, +6 DEX, +4 DEF
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 950

So, I bet you’re wondering “uhh, what does this do exactly?” Well here’s an answer for you: absolutely nothing. You can’t throw it, and you can’t use it to give you speedy. The point of carrying this is for the passive bonuses. The star is the main sacrifice of this set, which is normally used in situations where range is an issue.

Mechanical Carapace: (leather armor)
-”The second piece to confused child, a child whose purpose was never made clear.”-
Stat Bonuses: +80 HP, 11 DEF, 2 ATK
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 850

Similar in purpose to the Leaf Dragon Hide Armor, but without the speed boost. While it compliments the rest of this set in terms of HP/DEF ratio, use outside of the set should probably come with some def boosting ring.

Blade Cannon: (katana)
-”The third piece to a lonely servant, taken from his master’s destroyed masterpiece.”-
Shots: 1
Damage: 130-165 (Average: 147.5)
Projectile Speed: 14
Range: 5.75
Stat Bonus: -8 DEF, +4 SPD
Shots hit multiple targets
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 900

At first glance, this completely invalidates the Ray Katana with the same average damage as a T11 katana and almost the same range. But it comes with a hefty -8 DEF, the set as a whole can easily expend that much, but a normal set will probably be strained on defense if it accompanies this katana. It’s not without its uses though, it’s still much more powerful than a ray katana, and at range defense means less than normal.

Equipping the full set changes the projectile to this:

Silark’s Heart: (ring)
-”The final piece to a forgotten friend, a friend who was never given the chance to be whole.”-
Stat Bonuses: +100 HP, -500 MP, +10 DEF, +8 SPD
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 900

Plot twist: the most powerful item in the set is the ring. The highest DEF of any ring and a largely substantial HP and SPD boost, the catch is that using your ability is impossible while wearing it. Fortunately for this set, your ability doesn’t actually do anything. Using this ring outside of this set should be as a swapout for when your ability isn’t important.

This set offers a total of +180 HP, -500 MP, 8 ATK, 17 DEF, 6 DEX, 8 SPD alone.
The whole set offers an additional +50 HP, +4 ATK, +8 DEF, +6 DEX, +17 SPD,
Bringing the full total to:
+230 HP, -500 MP, +10 ATK, +25 DEF, +10 DEX, +25 SPD

In summary, this set sacrifices the two aspects unique to the ninja that give it versatility: the star and its various UT katana swapouts. In exchange, you get a ton of suvivability benefits and a somewhat “all-purpose” katana. Carrying star and katana swapouts to accompany the full set isn’t so effective, unequipping the katana drops a significant amount of ATK/DEX, and trading out the star won’t actually do anything without also trading out the ring. DPS chart for the full set:

While this set is definitely both more powerful and tankier than most normal sets, they have the potential for versatility with other items such as candy ring, void blade, midnight star etc.

oh also I don’t have skin sprites because I’m lazy/stuck/too busy/bad/pick your excuse.

(prize for saddest item when?)