The Clock Tower


I would be honored if this offering pleases you, O great Dragon of Light, Mastermind of Supreme Dungeons, Creator of Spook.
a.k.a, I feel bad that such a detailed dungeon would lack a skin, so I feel free to use the fan art if it suits you!

What do you have in mind? I like ones which changes your character a LOT, like the Swarming Huntress and so I tried to make a “Suspended by a Cog” kind of Ninja, somewhat similar to Silark, but I can’t so I ended up with this.


Looks great imo


I like the level of thought you put into the set, but simply not being able to activate an ability comes out as very dull. Even more so when considering that the ability you’re not using is one of the most fun abilities in the game.

And I’m sure this is criticism you were expecting, but someone had to do it.


well it looks neat, but it also feels “off” in a lot of places. I think those red blocks on the end of his arms are supposed to be hands, but they sure don’t look like it. and large potions of the back are largely unshaded right next to the heavily shaded gear. I don’t think I’ll be using it, but it could help down the road, you never know.

a mechanical demon similar to Silark, but without the rusted, aged bits. if you’re looking for a set skin that dramatically changes your appearance then I think a large, flying steel demon would fit the bill.

hey, you got me there. but as useful as the star is, it’s mostly used for running around the realm or as a crutch for those too chicken to get in there and get some real damage. the ninja’s playstyle was originally supposed to be something along the lines of “the guy who runs in there and cuts up enemies while dodging shots and being a ninja” (hence the name), but at this point it’s more like “they guy who runs in when it’s safe and then hides to throw stars when it’s not”. there’s nothing wrong with that at all, I actually like it, and the wide variety of UT functions the ninja has gives it a lot of variety beyond that. but none of them quite push the ninja back in the direction it allegedly came from. by removing the star, I’m trying to encourage a more aggressive playstyle then what the ninja is typically built for.





IMO projectile and skin transformation should stay an ST thing,
I’d say make it an ST set.
The ring and shuriken seem a bit too strong individually to me atm, so then you could move some bonuses from there to the set bonus.
(for example 2 att and 2 dex from the shuriken and 4 def and 4 spd from the ring)


i just want a ghetto themed reskin of this dungeon called the glock tower


it is an st set >_>

when I say “designed as a ut set” I mean that each piece should be useful on their own as well. the whole set works together, but no individual piece is completely worthless either (examples of st items not made that way are indomptable, bee armor, almost every single ring, rogue armor etc.).

that’s probably why you think the star and ring are too powerful. I admit the katana and armor are more borderline, but they have uses too.

well I don’t have the time, but if you or someone else wants to take a stab at it go for it xd


No, save that name for an Enter the Gungeon DLC.


was just wondering, what if the lore is clue to secret that you have to say, only the person who found all four says work tho, cus wats the point when 1 person finds out and puts it on the internet, and whats the point of collecting dumb lores if there’s nothing to it


That game is amazing, sadly I still have much to learn yet in the art of gunslinging, and in set building for Enter the Gungeon.


This is just amazing. I love the effort you put into it, but it seems really long, like hours long…



This is not only the best dungeon idea I’ve ever seen, but also the idea I think is most likely to be added to the game, out of what I’ve read.


Bro thats fucking awesome, I love your work, how long did it take you to do all this?


About 6 months or so, I wasn’t working on it for the entire time but that’s how far apart the start and end were.


Wish this could be added to the game, this is such a awesome design.


so close to closing sigh




Good idea shouldnt be closed :smirk: