The Clock Tower


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In your quiver’s description, you mention that you have to aim sideways to launch a quiver, but the rotation is 180º. If I took geometry and I still remember, that’s backwards, not sideways. And the sideways idea, I think it’s great, but backwards aiming is easier - perhaps you could fix this description? :laughing:

To touchup on your spritework, I like the Silark concept very much. he has an intimidating cowl look and a gargoyle aesthetic. Perhaps you could add a UT sword that drops from him, because he wields one, and one thing I would like to see change in the sprite is the curvature of the body and the attack animation made smoother, rather than a sword flicking 90 degrees up and down.

A question - what is Junk Blast? Silark’s shot descriptions have a bullet with 138 damage and dubbed “Junk Blast,” but I don’t see anything about it in the combat phases.

For Silark’s phases, the last phase is too difficult, caps at an HP level too high, and doesn’t change. I would, to give some depth to the fight, add alternating phases starting at a lower HP cap than 70,000, maybe not a rage but multiple difficult phases and/or dialogue to go with them, maybe with some particles thrown at the same time.

A note/request to add a status to the Ruined Workers, I think having 1 second or 0.5 seconds of Slowed would fit this, as it could throw the rhythm of the players off as they are playing the dungeon out.

While the Ruined Constructor concept is very much cool, you should make the activation range no more than 5 tiles and make it easy to deactivate them. A question, if you activate them and deactivate them before the initial duplication time, does it reset the timer, or continue upon reactivation? Also, having them instakill players is kind of busted, don’tcha think?

  • I have more comments on your project, but I’ll issue them in chunks so they’re not all lost by accident. Great job and I’d give you an 8.5/10 on what I’ve seen so far!^^-


180 degrees is indeed the amount of turn you would need to flip something around, however that isn’t how arc gap between projectiles is measured. arc gap is the angle between projectiles, not the angle between projectiles and the forward direction. for example: using the logic of 180 = backwards, 90 should be sideways yes?:

the angle between those two lines is indeed a right angle, but as anyone who has ever used a dblade can tell you, your cursor is positioned in between the two lines. from each other the arc between the projectiles is 90, but from the center the arc is only 45. 180 is the correct angle to have 2 shots fire sideways from the user.

good, the damage and paralysis is nasty. harder is better. backwards is kind of the LH staff’s thing anyway.

see “The Loot” -> “Mechanical Demon Ninja ST” -> “Blade Cannon”

While I agree somewhat with what you’re saying there, “smoothness” is something I don’t want associated with Silark at all. He’s a very pointy, haphazardly constructed shell of himself.

Used in his rage phase, they are fired in a similar fashion as the Puppet of Pain’s projectiles, but slower.

The boss encounter inside the tower uses it much more frequently.

Assuming you’re still talking about the event encounter, I agree with you 100%. For now, I’ll adjust the numbers to make the rage phase shorter, but once I perfect the Stone Caves of Nores 2 (another dungeon of mine with a much greater emphasis on playability) I plan to overhaul that entire fight, along with several other aspects of the Clock Tower. Looking back, that fight looks downright unpleasant.

I somehow neglected to mention what said range is, but I think 9-9.5 is fine. The problem with making the duplication range any less is that you have classes capable of damaging them while remaining outside the dupe zone. That’s poor game design.

It resets.

They can only reach that point if some troll is deliberately hanging out in the dupe zone, as most noobs who simply don’t know what they’re doing will be driven off by the damage before then and most groups in general can plow through them before they get out of hand. The guy messing it up for everyone would also have to endure the growing blob of robots for around 40 seconds, even if they lack instakilling capabilities before that point, their combined damage output would be difficult to endure.


Smh. >_> I can still bump this also, correct? spook still looks like a furry.

Besides that, I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve decided to add it to my collection of good ideas. Though I’d like to ask, why add the equivalent of a free Crown as the ninja star? You don’t get get the HP sure, but that defense is still useful.


You’re giving up one of the most powerful utility abilities in the game. The star makes rushing incredibly easy and can deal nearly 1000 damage from a very far distance. In return, you get crazy high DPS.


before I ask my question I would like to say I really like this idea

But my question is how do you make all your sprites for this? like what do you use? I’m trying to make my own dungeon idea and I don’t know how to make the sprites so they have that little black line that all ROTMG sprites have.


use this to start with:

I use that to sketch the sprites I make, but then copy it over into Gimp to add finishing touches. if you do draw sprites outside of the link above, make absolutely sure that they are 8x8 pixels big, 16x16 if it’s a large monster.




just remembered this might also help if you need to make a map.


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thanks @Shatter for finally making this happen and @ everyone else enjoy the Clock Tower I guess.

also forgive past me for being an unpleasant person if you happen to be rereading the thread :pray: I don’t actually remember what I said in the past but it’s probably cringy at some point

also I don’t even remember half of what’s in the document myself at this point sooooooooooo…

brush up - Shatter


Where the hell does time come into play here in th realm? I think something associating time would be cool, but it’d be a lonely subject. Nothing else in realm has any mention to time besides lore (a few mentions about old). Nice name tho, for this idea. Super indecision.


The Clock Tower, 2 years later

first, I apologize for the incredibly pretentious and condescending tone scattered throughout the document. my innards briefly attempted to commit sudoku while reading this. perhaps I’ll clean it up later and make it more reader-friendly, but not tonight because it’s late and I’m tired.

after rereading what exactly everything does now, perhaps I’ve been a little hard on myself when it comes to judging the quality of this dungeon concept. there’s a bunch of ideas in here that really aren’t too bad and could be pretty interesting with a little polish. the major recurring issue with my old approach to dungeon design is in the rage phases. there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it, it’s just a ton of projectile spam to the point where no one can really tell what’s going on anymore. dodging isn’t an option, it’s just a faceful of death that you’re just supposed to sit there and take. it’s sort of like what you get if you took old feargus’s hardmode behavior and mapped it onto an ice sphere. that’s a terrible approach to design in general.

I can see some pretty big problems for the dungeon design as well, the stasis blast on the doors when they come down won’t stop leeching since they can just camp in the first room instead. plus, there’s 12 minibosses that are all required in order to progress to the final boss. that’s frankly just absurd. the goal of a dungeon should be to create an enjoyable experience, not to create something you think is “hard”. that’s a major flaw with the Clock Tower overall imo, it cares more about being impossibly difficult more than it cares about being actually good.

A lot of the UT’s/ST’s are kinda meh too: the star literally does nothing, the ST armor doesn’t have a clue what it wants to be, and the spell is nearly an inferior parasite spell. the later ones are okay though, maybe I’ll have to suggest them to deca the next time they try to throw together UT’s for a dungeon at the last possible second. I’d recommend something for the fungal cavern, but that releases tomorrow and there’s no time anymore.

also a lot of these sprites are absolutely godawful and I feel bad for defending them in the past. the concepts in my mind look just fine, but when turned into sprite form they fail to live up to my imagination.

lastly, the shades are clearly shoehorned in there in the sloppiest way possible because “dARkNeSs iS CooL”

so yeah, now you know why I dislike the Clock Tower.


The junk armour is a bit like the mushroom armour, but I suspect that to be convergent evolution. Whatever its flaws I definitely think the Clock Tower deserves its best-o-the-best spot! :smiley:


Very nice. I get that you might not like the project anymore but I still think it’s amazing. I remember reading this a while back and while, sure some stuff could be changed/tweaked, the general idea and theme of the dungeon is awesome. I especially love the non-ability ninja set.


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Junk Armor? Oh yes. This will be really useful for Knights for regenerate their HP and Mana when going NPE.


How bout’ pally?


Yes. That too.