The community event YOU chose and a Q&A session!


Copied from an official Deca post on Reddit by u/Deca_Dytto.

The General Chat Thread

If someone wants to edit the title, that’d be cool because I think it’s way too long. Also please move to #community-hub:official-events!




edit to what?


3 castles for ST wow.


I’m not a fan of event spam, but I have to say that I do like this particular type of event more than the chest or 1.5X ones; you are guaranteed good rewards from doing a few dungeons, and additional dungeons give you smaller, guaranteed rewards. It’s a little less rng-based and farming-intensive, which is nice.


Any idea what the alternative options in the Discord poll were for this event? Or too many to list?

Agree this is a good one for the farmers to rack up the shards, and like that Oryx involved to get people out of permachains.

Event graphic from news screen:


Edit: and the Tinkerer quests screenshots:






I think it’s this one:

Too many to type for my lazy fingers, but not too many to list :slight_smile:


It’s amazing that only 851 people voted.


Yes you’re right, and it was only a majority of 76 that stopped it being another chest event. Which I’m glad of, since I love “hunting Oryx” probably as much as doing most other things in the game.

A shame the poll wasn’t hyped/advertised on here somewhere, to get more voters (or maybe it was just a very short-lived poll). For comparison numbers, RealmEye shows 107 234 accounts active in the last fortnight, even if you knock off all the 1-stars as mules that’s 84 300, for a meagre 1% voter turnout, lol.


The official rotmg discord has about 42k members, so as many as 2% voted!

Maybe they explained what each option meant in a different post, but just from the pool, the options are really unclear I think.


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