The Death Thread


Did your maxed character die? Write a memorial for them here.

Please keep in mind that dead characters and lost items will not be restored, regardless of situation.

RIP My Knight
Unfair Deaths In Game (Broken Damage)
Why is this a thing ;~; (spectacularly awful teleport death)
Im an idiot
RIP My Knight
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I'm All Out Of Faith
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Thankyou deca for killing my characters :D
Yeah for White Star?
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Rip 7/8 knight
Rip 7/8 knight
Died for no reason
17+ deaths due oryx lagg
Deca please
Deca servers need fixing
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4 Sad Deaths Overview :(
Dont AFK in the Lowlands
Am good at the game
How did this kill me? [shatters spike]
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My first oreo ever, just played with 25 minutes
My first oreo ever, just played with 25 minutes
I love loosing my jugg warrior to lag
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Ty deca love u
TDRG (Tragic Death Recovery Group)
Wtf i hate this game
Please don't kill me, help me
The second most proudest moment ever
Witch death
So...My Brother Happened

7/8 Paladin
2004 Fame
Death by Killing My Self


R.I.P. in lag


Rip my 0/8 Warrior with CC Armor

Was laughing with friends cause Ruthven bats did nothing to me, didn’t see him transform back. Laughter and rips were had.


Gets bracer. Dies. Gets 3 whites bags in a row after death. Someone calls lab. Tp. Death by stacked Djinns.


7/8 knight. First(and so far last) dblade AND 7/8 character. Goes to oryx, very confident because last time got def+att with 4 other people from oryx 1. Runs into brute then huge mob. Well yeah rip.


Well this WC went nicely



First one, well, I was in a pub tomb, and it wasn’t clean 'nuff said
Second one, I was rushing and was paralysed and thought 'I can tank this’
Third one I died for a wis pot
Fourth, running through glands, clearing red demons, then saw my hp drop to 24, saw a medusa bomb, hit nexus just a bit too late.
Fifth is pretty self explanatory.
Sixth… I ran into my own overspawn(at a great temple snake) and in the and died on an 8/8 knight. Not exactly my proudest moment, to say the least


I got paralyzed in a tomb, causing me to take waaaaay too much bullets, I had time to Nexus too, was at 100 HP for about 2 or 3 seconds while I was walking away and then while I was rotating my screen I accidentally moved into a bullet that insta killed me. At least I stashed my DBlade before going in the tomb, (was guild tomb) I always stash items if they don’t have good use for the planned dungeon I am going to do:D
I like making the front RealmEye page anyways.


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LOL are u serious dude that sixth death man

reckless rich ppl





Never forget:

pliz realmeye D: many people die… I cant do this 1image per post/3post per thread thing


i had 3 8/8 but this chars have the best items


Let us begin:


6hp from 8/8 :cry:


Legends say that Davy shed a single tear that day.


Many poor, inexperienced souls died that night…


Not my death, but one of a good friend.

We were closing a realm together and buffed the ents for qot. His game crashed and he couldn’t close it. I tried everything to protect him from the shots. But he died.

Rest in peace: 8/8 with the resu, he farmed for 3 months.


“We loose many, that night…”


Couldn’t see the Sphinx as it was being blocked by another quest. Teleported to a random person, and instantly died. Quite akin to dying to an Ent sitter, is it not?

Give me a reason to keep playing this game when shit like that can happen. THAT is what my countless hours of effort and devotion to getting a Crown culminates in? Are you joking?

That, piled on top of the fact that hard work is essentially fucking pointless in this game. I dedicated to grinding for a Jugg for about 150 hours in July (going to fresh realms, pushing to liches, and killing the Hermits/Sphinxes). And the result? Nothing. Yet, a player like Weed (keep in mind this isn’t an attack at him in any way, just using him as an example), probably has a similiar playtime as I do and has gotten over 10 of the fucking things. That’s on top of the previous 3 years of attempting to get one. And the result? Nothing.

Rebuilding is not an issue, I’ve got other 8/8 characters and creating another 8/8 Warrior would be effortless.

But when I have to rely on something not within my control (RNG), where’s the fun in that?

I’m completely willing to accept a death in this game if it was due to my stupidity. But don’t try and tell me that this was. I’ll reiterate; I could not see what was happening, before I knew it, I was dead. Not within my control.