The Death Thread


I said before I broke the wall.
Plus I was maxed Def
And speed


well, sorry for ur loss but u posting here isn’t going to help, you can try contacting deca support
unfortunate deaths are pretty common in rotmg :frowning:


Let me save OP the trouble. No, don’t try support. They don’t revive.

Eidt: I died to lag a couple of days ago. Just do what I always do with an unfair death: Have a tantrum, sulk for a couple of days, succumb to your addiction and do the whole thing again. Learn nothing.


bl my dude


there’s always a reason for death


I guess I must be stupid too? I honestly thought you were referring to the player “Trickster” ( because of how you worded it. You made it sound like you were with the one and only trickster as opposed to one of many.

If you would have said “with a trickster” @Skrilllexm and I wouldn’t have been confused and you can cool it with the needless name calling.


but why


The sorcerer bombs is a possibility


@Schattenfe Don’t ask, I dont know.

Also, the following seem to be wider for some reason…must be the fact that I accidentally resized the window 3:

@JiyuuSan Jimmy, what did we say about instantly trying to get your loot?

@Jeboypigel Tried to rush. Got counter-rushed by Warrior Puppet.

@EFunKiss Man Apparently Did Something Wrong, Gets Annihilated By Science Experiment

The General Chat Thread

I got distracted and wasnt looking at the game
notice how my mouse wasnt even moving ;_;


RIP future ppe?


sxplorer and i both know risguy irl


dang, rip. I want to get a dbow some time.





Not good enough, get to 0 hp.


seems like seancpinto is spreading his influence


Does that mean i do too :0
##california sQUADDDD


what do you mean


Heaps more people including me died after.