The Death Thread


Simply nice arguments but still it wasn’t our faults at all , and its a pretty sad moment , im just trying to get some justice, maybe


I’ll tell you what I tell every one. Learn form it. You now know how lag looks in LoDs

Don’t let it happen again. I would have Nexused at the first sign of lag if I was on a character in care about, especially in a LoD


Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you this game is a fucking perfect masterpiece and everything bad in it is 100% the player’s fault, because that would be a bullshit lie of epic proportions.

But when I see people just stay in a LoD room during lag, running around for like 20 seconds, and then getting all pissed off because they died, it’s really difficult for me to sympathize.

What did you think was going to happen? Did you believe the lag would magically erase the boss and all projectiles from existence and then a white bag with every single good drop in the dungeon would appear out of nowhere?


Usually I’d be pretty simpathetic since LOD lag deaths are super unfair. But you said it was because of oryx lag. NEVER stay in ANY DUNGEON, ESPECIALLY AN LOD when the realm closes. This is why deca made it to where you can see when oryx closes a realm even when you are inside a dungeon. I would’ve nexused immediately if I saw that pop up, so unfortunately, the death was your (and everyone elses) fault🤷‍♂️


Can’t get any justice if this has been happening for years. If this dungeon was released now and this happened then it would get fixed just like gravel in LH. No idea what deca will do in the future but LoD deaths are sadly lessons that you have to learn from from pictures, videos, or yourself. Bad enough just don’t do LoDs.

As Plebjesus said, people will die when they lag and now that we can see the realm is closed you will NOTICE people nexusing in LoDs.


You have two choices:

  • get over it, run LoDs and risk this again
  • get over it and don’t do LoDs

Neither option requires yet another thread on the subject.

I know Deca needs to look at this, you know Deca needs to look at this, Deca know Deca needs to look at this.

Can we move this to the death thread along with every other twice weekly whining about lag deaths?

17+ deaths due oryx lagg

Lost my knight in one. Was with a friend tellin him “we gonna die” but I stayed anyway.

I’m a dumb motherfucker but it was funny to hear the one collective OOF


It was too late to realize that rushing godlands isn’t cool when 50 million ghost gods are on top of you :sob:


Thus why I don’t do LoDs.

With that in mind, what is the average timespan of LoD lag such that it kills everyone? I haven’t experienced it since 1.5 years ago or whatnot; a long time ago.


This was more of a symbolic death. :oof:


My 6/8 necro died the day before the st set was implemented. sigh


@Starwartwo :c


lol how did he manage that


rage quitting see ya


Beer god is too op plz nerf deca.


actually is pretty strong

but beer=worth


Not as many deaths as before, huh… Strange. I should clear up my storage.

@Excssiveon Why you don’t charge into Skull Shrines: a picture.

@Blefttom Charging Stone Mage appeared, instantly popped to S T A C C



hey guys look I got a pro-

Fucking. Bullshit.
There was literally nothing and I got distracted for one second??? UGH.


wait is that minion from ot
are you serious