The Death Thread


BS. I swear I wouldn’t have died if I had my deca ring on. Smh.



I was taking a screenshot but someone dragged on me D:


8 def and you put tops on it??? What???

Partially unrelated but from your graveyard:

This physically hurts


You should look at my graveyard :wink:


Well… how you can see in the tittle…I died, my ninja died, not by my hand, if i can say that.
I’ve gonne in a Cdepths with a guy, in the second room i started to lag alot, and i’ve gonne back into the starting room… and in the starting room my RotMG crashed, I couldnt nexus… because the page was not responding, couldnt close the page, because I was in full screen while not responding… there were no spiders in 2 rooms near the starting one, so i was supposed to be ok, after 3-4 mins of not responding, my game was “playable” but the problem was, i saw the screen black, while loading “Nexus”, after few seconds of waiting the “Character is dead” error appeared… i starded to panic… i closed the realm and reopened, and yep… the character did died. So i asked that guy from that Cdepths what happened, he said said that he simply “dragged” spiders on me, because I was “leeching”…After a long discuss, he told me "this shall be a lesson for you, leecher. We were both ninjas, so i dont know why would he do that. My ninja was 7/8, 1300+ Base Fame, and going to 2000 Base Fame so i can go to my next character to max… now i have to rebuild from 0 another one because that player killed me… I didnt died by my own faulth, i could do nothing… and I just want to ask if you guys think that my ninja should be revived, I know that i should not ask for revives, i never did and i died with tons of whites, tons of tops, on this ninja i had no white, 3 tops and a UT (Csilk)… isnt alot, i had characters that died with 4-5 whites… but i just feel sad about this ninja, because u died to a dragger… :\


I’ve experienced the page not responding while unable to close the game problem in a tomb before, one of the more shitty ways to die.

You wont get a revive and i can’t help you with your past.

But i can help you with your future


I apreciate your answer but i wouldnt care if i would die because of lag, or my faulth, even the not responding thing, but that player abused my ninja because it was “afk” and dragged and killed me… Reporting him would do nothing that’s sure… i didnt died with 500 whites to ask for revive, i didnt died by a medusa so i can ask for revive because i want my character back, but i could not die in that cdepths, only if that player werent here… he just said “dont leech next time, bye” because i was safe… a player killed me… that’s why I am asking for a revive… because this isnt a fair death, i couldnt avoid it, i acctualy did going safe…untill players decide to do “something fun”.


You can’t get a revive from the forums. Plus, I don’t think Deca will either.

For the guy who may of dragged on you, just ignore him and move on.


I just cant move on… I try not to die, but when it happens, it happens by lag or getting shotguned, but getting killed by a player isnt ok… its a bad thing :. I died by my own faulth many times, and i moved on and rebuilded in the same day… but to die because some one decide to kill me… isnt ok. I dont know if Deca would revive it or not, but i still think isnt fair… Im sorry because im a pain on your back right now, and you may think “another noob that died and ask for revive”, in 3 years of playing RotMG i never had such dead… that’s the only reason im asking for a revive. Isnt fair for other players, i know that, they all will ask for revive if i get one, but i cant just move on on such death, I couldnt go nexus, i couldnt close the game, and i dont want to restart the pc because of a not responding error, i was safe… so i didnt thinked that that guy would drag on me… sorry for being a pain but i cant move on on this death :\ is unfair.


And the thing i linked would pervent this ever happening again. I suggest using it.

Youre not going to get a revive


Well, this doesnt help me :joy: in the near future if its to happen i would just restart the pc… I askef for help now, not how to prevent those deaths, because i dont care if i die by lag, i can lag in the middle of 500 meduses and die, i wont ask for a revive because lag killed me… in this case a player killed me… how im supposed to prevent that? I died in Cdepths by teleporting on players that were in the middle of 30 eggs and got oneshoted, that was my bad, i died by going into the boss room while some one activated it, and died because i didnt nexused… my faulth again, but isnt my faulth that a player dragged on me because “i was afk”. :fearful:


By using the oh shiet button.

Welp this is going nowhere. Vent on


Thx for your time, but still doesnt help me xd. sorry for wasting your time with a non-important death, i’ll be carefull in the future and watch my game next time.
By the way… i died long ago with a low archer… how i died? well, i’ve found a snake pit in god lands, and while loading the snake pit :smiley: error “character is dead” appeared, for no reason, i was full hp, the pit wasnt loading, and i lost my archer, another fair death, explain this one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive only heard of and experienced dieing upon entering a dungeon while entering as you get hit.

Perhaps during oryx lag


It wasnt oryx lag, i was playing with a friend, and he gonne first in the pit, followed by me, but i simply got spamed with “character is dead” error, and it wasnt any kind of lag… it just simply happened.


So that’s all about my ninja? just another ignored death?..


Yes. There are no revives. Live and learn.


my trickster died and it does not say he died but it no there


Worst answer i’ve ever got on a forum :)) sorry for saying that, but is true xd


Your trickster died by your faulth? I mean you got killed, or you deleted it?