The Death Thread


Rip 8/8 knight with crown
Died by suffocation with divine pet
server lag




i dont like how people like your post. that is insulting to you because that is like people laughing at your death


as soon as he becomes vulnerable, he shoots the 75 armor pierce shots


Yep, I agree.


not really…

likes are always know to be a possitive thing, this question was also raised up in the farewell thread


it is a question i have been wondering. why like a death post?


1-sypothize with your death
2- rip
3- haaha
4-if your @AquaSync

ask @shatter @consolemc @unicornsla


I don’t think i have given a like to any death post in here actually



oh, i liked that one to laugh at you rest in peace i’m so sorry


so i guess shatter’s number 3.


Hey, I liked it to sympathize.

Like before Facebook had the different response emojis, everyone liked things.


5- If a very good priest has died a horrible way and/or a couragious knight has met his doom.


RIP my first rogue, 2/8 close to max (Planewalker in the inv)

one more in the list


what the heck stupid lag, I died on @YinYarn stream. What the heck?

i’ll drop the link if he posts it as a vid. I’m in a stream! im a cool kid now! :smile:


lol were you the one who told me about my death in talwar’s guide


yah, I guess your a cool kid too. Congratulations you win a box of absolutely nothing!


Rest in Peace PPE Ninja… Killed by a Djinn sitter…

Hey, at least it got me this!


is that a pet? looks like trash?