The Death Thread


Norton antivirus succesfully uninstalled itself


Did I have anything in ur inventory ? Like a shendyt.


seriously feel sorry for this guy



@EatherGod Presumed suicide.

@MrDok and @Ronakman The shotgun phases claim yet more lives.

REDDX, @OGGangstah, Joebrofist, Draakjekys, and LysyxBula Dancing is hard.

@Godziinuse Probably tanked the Cube God’s shotgun and was then shotgunned again. Those Overseers aren’t entirely harmless!

@AzakuraLun Forgot what happened, alas.

@Divegrent Tried to cross a river…but it consisted of bullets. Deadly ones.

Guildie @Wolficekk got one-shotted by that triple 240 AP shotgun in one of the Queen’s Red phases.

@MiniMitler I was going to put a Mutza quote here, but I don’t know what he said. Something along the lines of “Watch out, multiple shotguns”, I reckon.


Ouch. At least I redeemed myself by getting cc, dblade, and csilk later in the day.


Haven’t oofed in a while, had this coming.


Gem on pally SMH


He didnt use a pet, so it should actually be decent


uh actually gem is really good on paladin


Hecking kms

rip 7/8 archer, 4 life from 8/8
Dbow/cbow, t6 quiver, garments, ubhp
sat on 2 greater sprites, next thing I know I’m flashing and an ent slaps me with its wood
Don’t ask me how. I don’t know


As a perfectionist I’d’ve probably nexused at the sight of a dead end, considering this was a speedrun (I presume).
Unless it took very long to find an Abyss.


Yeah, I figured I’d save some time walking back to the portal but I guess not xd. I can’t nexus when going back + right because of ghosting, same thing that killed my last good pally.





Why the crap is that guy using the Priest of Geb set




It was fun having 3600 dps


suicided my 8/8 assassin (with gemstone/harlequin) and 6/8 mystic


@Jezy got insta’d by purple cultist spawn