The Death Thread


Ha ha ha, no.


why not
i mean i never saw anyone leeching at decaract nor remotly dying due to their fault


Oh, you’re talking about the video grizz posted? Well i wasnt talking about the video to begin with, dum dum.


im using it as an example to valid my argument that was directed to a quote said by you

dum dum


Ok, well, i really can’t blame grizz for being targeted by the eyes the decaract spawns, however, the deaths i posted were caused because the ones that died in the picture i posted didnt clear all the towers in time, so they respawned with a fresh group of eyes, ripping through the idiots that werent helping clear the towers. The players that died didnt even bother in dodging, and even if they did, they would probably not help clear all the shit spawning at once, with that said, thats why i think they deserved to die.


My trickster got dead giving me it’s 5th star

Only 7 more stars till white star and assuming that I get the motmg character slot I won’t have to kill a character anymore to get it.


died to rage phase




I was doing a decaract with alot of people and the servers were choppy. A huge wave of eyeballs passed us and i dropped like 10 hp. a minute later everyone started dieing and i dropped to 100 hp and i closed my game. I logged back in and i died wtf deca


I mean that sucks but you won’t get your character back.


i get that obviously but maybe deca could do something about their servers because i had <10 net jitter before i entered and it just spiked


I died after i picked up the loot from the decaract. Thanks to some random mystic who stasised eyes <3.


/shrug rip 6/8


rip ogmur
best char ever
why did you have to die
fuck me i really want to quit


Easily my most retarded death. :^)

I got antirogued.


This is probably staged but still


10/10 gg




That’s average in Mayhems.


This was a stupid death. Looked away for 5 seconds, then boom, dead.

Had the whole works.
Splendor, A.S.S., illumination, pixie, ggen, jugg,dominion and ubhp.
Really sad as it was my best character ever.