The Death Thread


Some deaths from a week ago, and some from just now. I’v’n’t gotten that many, huh.

@BartoksPL Is that their grave down there? I’m not sure.

@Kandles @Bultan Well, maybe that was that one, huh? Suns don’t like us.

@Smacklegnd Lotsa maxed deaths. Probably their first new O2.

@OhShitYo @Litile Reaction name! (Hey, look, it’s me tangoing with a giant black pumpkin dinosaur lobbing red bombs at me!)

@Soupglitch Seems like they were lagging, as their grave sort of…popped up just in front of me.

@Echtlol I planned to do this Sentry, and alas! What came upon me was nothing more but a grave of a maxed character, in 7 of the known 8 stats!

@BeastGaara Ground is weak against Water.
Get it? Cause, like, Gaara controls sand…? Which is ground…? And it’s jellyfish…? Ocean…? Water…?


Soupglitch was glitching=lagging. So yeah.



why isn’t there a shadow on the grave

normal 8/8 grave in lava:


also nice cropping


what was wrong with my death ;-;



oh darn I lost regular again :cry:


For clarification, see the resulting conversation.



Just copy the image URL into your reply, makes it like a normal image :P


why would you use those items with some shit non-8/8 samurai and with shit doku and t10 katana wtf are you mocking me wtf wtf


@ExxxxDee Pretty sure he committed suicide



Here’s mine :neutral_face:
Knights were doing a brilliant job stunning. I was chatting and i didn’t notice I was quieted. Spammed space bar and noticed the problem before it was too late.


Hey I know your post is from a few days ago but

I feel you.
Brother got me good.




rip circlet, bracer, prot, bloody, T13 wand…

  1. why use those on non 8/8 and not even 6/8.
  2. Foul and hydra with Bcloak? with HIVEMIND on ROGUE? DIES TO PARASITE BOSS?!?!??!?!
  3. Priest with prot dies to permafrost? Uses Gsorc reskin with T13 WAND BRACER and prot???


Please realm community stop this for my sake


Someone who didn’t really know anything was playing, mind you - @ChevalierJ’s lil’ bro did all that.
If we were to believe them, that is.

  1. Cause I’m not some wierdo who flexes with gear, I prefer using it.
  2. And 3. Brother’s fault. Context is important.

I can’t max characters to save my life. Blame me not :sweat_smile:


what about this




got suddenly blitzed by bullets in my first nest. At first i thought this was pretty easy since i never dropped under like 600…

But then it shot a ton of bullets to one side and i did some weird movement and died