The Death Thread


@discobot roll 2

1 is st spell 2 is tablet


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot roll 2


ok @moderators can you all spellbomb that huge wall of text please


imagine going offtopic


Yes but No


imagine having particles on


@Quandolin, @TROLLZORD, @XFiroX, @Aphoitic:


The stupidity continues.

It’s sad cuz i broke my 8/8 strike.


@InfamousX and @Fabini dying like plebs to null


RIPs from the Alien Invasion 2 event (with Biff) a couple of weeks ago:

@Diamondz @ZxMehdi @ZLORDMAULz @GodlyDuck @Gabhud @TigyVwan @Banknruno @Ekstremus @Kinjulien @Flairqont


Imagine dying to Null LMAO

Rip pally 2019-2019


Well, confuse is a thing. Rest in piece my 8/8 ppe. Pally time!


Why do i have to do voids when i jjust woke up ?


I told you. Inevitable.


what’s up with all these deaths



just dodge and dont die lmao


I don’t even remember joining the lod.


This is the game’s way of telling you to go back to bed.


This death pissed me off.

I just turn back, and then i randomly die. Full health. Certainly stacked bomb, but… bruh