The Death Thread


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot roll 2


ok @moderators can you all spellbomb that huge wall of text please


imagine going offtopic


Yes but No


imagine having particles on


@Quandolin, @TROLLZORD, @XFiroX, @Aphoitic:


The stupidity continues.

It’s sad cuz i broke my 8/8 strike.


@InfamousX and @Fabini dying like plebs to null


RIPs from the Alien Invasion 2 event (with Biff) a couple of weeks ago:

@Diamondz @ZxMehdi @ZLORDMAULz @GodlyDuck @Gabhud @TigyVwan @Banknruno @Ekstremus @Kinjulien @Flairqont


Imagine dying to Null LMAO

Rip pally 2019-2019


Well, confuse is a thing. Rest in piece my 8/8 ppe. Pally time!


Why do i have to do voids when i jjust woke up ?


I told you. Inevitable.


what’s up with all these deaths



just dodge and dont die lmao


I don’t even remember joining the lod.


This is the game’s way of telling you to go back to bed.


This death pissed me off.

I just turn back, and then i randomly die. Full health. Certainly stacked bomb, but… bruh


These three consecutive ones hurt to see! Seriously! This was not a hot day for you. How does your account have so much wealth, by the way? Looking at your characters, it seems like you rarely have one that survives to very high fame, and yet all of them are decked out in gear. Tell me your secrets!