The Death Thread


3 dudes got rekt by Oryx


@Constery: That’s what exactly happened to my Archers. Damn, 2 Archers (one before and one after the DMG buff) died in MWood. My Nile Wizzy and Expo Samurai managed to solo the dungeon (after enemies’ DMG buff) somehow.


Ey Chinese gang


Multiboxer ???



I killed this one by dragging, my bad @Skyhighice


Disappointed but not surprised, given that I knew what was coming. It’s still stupidly difficult, though! >:(

Valentine's Day Events [Feb 12th to Feb 19th]

You know that I am Chinese?


Maybe because of this


If Seelpit says that it’s stupidly difficult, perhaps I should keep my distance.


During the parasite event went in one with @OverlordZe as a couple of priests, but a run of stupid bat rooms with barrels inconveniently placed was too much.

And @Wonkafoo died in one they opened, exploder got them from next room I believe.

Also @Notbeandip in a DJL, can’t remember what character but had seen them playing a bit over the last few days.


Your setting for flash thingy is Chinese…


This is an event one with the normal spamheals


Oh dear. That ain’t worth it.


“I was like, these guys do no damage. But then there were 400 of them.”




And??? Did you check my RealmEye profile???



rip @Ecookied
couldn’t hear the bud sounds (although bella dealt the last shot)


Lag bad