The Death Thread


Oh dear. That ain’t worth it.


“I was like, these guys do no damage. But then there were 400 of them.”




And??? Did you check my RealmEye profile???



rip @Ecookied
couldn’t hear the bud sounds (although bella dealt the last shot)


Lag bad



@Mokka – quite impressively placed, but entirely by chance as the grave was there before the event appeared.




My first 8/8 and first to 2000 fame

Lost when I (stupidly) sat on a crystal in an empty realm knowing I didn’t have the DPS to active, only for several players to come while i was distracted and pop it :frowning:


According to the death screen it looks like you got killed by the crystal’s shotgun, not by the crystal prisioner itself


Yeah, the crystal shoots a shotgun every 30 seconds. So never ep that


That Bella dungeon did cause massive casualities…


Anyways here are the casualities I faced:


@Seelpit: Bella Dungeon should be rated as 5 gravestones, not 4.


It is definitely as deadly as a Mad Lab, that’s for sure! ;)


Eh… I failed, but 3 stars for my Knight at least



I gotta take a break and sit back, remember how to play this game lol.

Got Punk’d by an Abyss Demon
Also had an EP.